Simple, fast and secure file migration to Dropbox

CloudM facilitates the simple and reliable migration of your files to Dropbox, enabling you to start collaborating quickly and securely.

Since its inception in 2008, CloudM has been trusted to perform for over 45 million migrations worldwide, enabling organizations of all sizes to get the most out of the cloud.Used by over 35,000 customers in 83+ countries, CloudM ensures a secure, fast and easy file migration to Dropbox, available as a hosted or self-hosted tool or managed by migration experts from start to finish.

CloudM provides a simple, fast and secure migration solution to enable users to get the most out of Dropbox quickly and with confidence.

CloudM migrations can be accessed through a variety of methods:

  • Self-hosted. A downloadable application that gives users complete control over their migration, hosted entirely within their own environment. Ideal for large and complex migrations, this is recommended for those users with greater technical expertise.
  • Hosted. A software-as-a-service (SaaS) tool that is ideal for migrations of 2500 users or fewer. No environment setup is required, and is well suited to those users with less technical knowledge.
  • Managed Migrations. A rapid, risk-free deployment where CloudM’s experts take care of your Dropbox migration from start to finish.