Enable seamless collaboration to increase productivity in the field and the office

Upload, access, and save As-Builts and Snapshots directly from Dropbox to PlanGrid

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Together with Dropbox, PlanGrid makes it easy to seamlessly access RFI responses, product data, and installation instructions from any device. Access your Dropbox files wherever you go to ensure your team stays on the same page.

  • Build and collaborate from anywhere with real-time access to construction information generated from PlanGrid in Dropbox

  • Office personnel can easily distribute the current set of drawings, plans and more to teams in the field by importing plans directly from Dropbox to PlanGrid

  • Teams in the office or the field can upload As-Builts (PDFs) and Snapshots (field photos) directly to Dropbox

  • Engage and collaborate with contractors and suppliers in the field, on desktop and mobile via the the Dropbox network 

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For more information, reach out to your Dropbox representative or contact PlanGrid at support@plangrid.com.