Prevents threats, data risk, and compliance violations in enterprise SaaS applications

Prisma SaaS delivers complete visibility and granular enforcement across user, folder, and file activity within Dropbox to prevent data risk and compliance violations.

Prisma SaaS extends the Palo Alto Networks Next Generation Security Platform to Dropbox. Prisma SaaS integrates with Dropbox to enable complete visibility across all user, folder, and file activity providing detailed analysis and analytics on usage to prevent data risk and compliance violations. It also allows granular, context-aware policy control within Dropbox to drive enforcement and quarantine users and data when violations occur.

  • Gain complete visibility of activity in Dropbox. Detailed analysis lets IT know exactly what’s happening at the user, folder, and file level at any point in time.
  • Retroactively audit data exposure. Prisma SaaS discovers data breaches and violations in Dropbox dating back to when the account was originally created. 
  • Flag risky behavior before it takes off. Deep analytics of daily activity allows IT to quickly determine if there are any data risk or compliance policy violations.
  • Enforce granular and effective policy management. Context-aware policy control provides the ability to quarantine users and data immediately when non-compliant actions take place.
  • Keep threats at bay. Advanced threat protection blocks known malware and identifies and blocks unknown malware.