Your content and conversations, together

Dropbox and Slack bring your content and conversations together seamlessly so teams can easily collaborate.

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Today’s teams rely on array of tools to get work done, often jumping back and forth between them.
With the Dropbox and Slack integration, your content and conversations stay together seamlessly as you move between tools — so your team and the teams they work with can stay on the same page and find information easily.
  • Work smarter from anywhere. Start a Slack conversation within Dropbox to discuss changes or updates to shared content, keeping your conversations and content in the same place.
  • Keep your team in the loop. Send files to individuals or Slack channels directly from Dropbox to easily share your work.
  • Reduce the need to move between platforms. Easily share Dropbox files in Slack or directly from within Dropbox.
  • Stay in sync with everyone from anywhere. View Slack activity that occurred around your files from all your devices to stay informed of the latest updates, even while on the go.
  • Connect multiple Slack workspaces. Share and save Dropbox content with different Slack teams you're working with by linking a Dropbox account to multiple Slack workspaces, including in an Enterprise Grid.
  • Save files shared in Slack to Dropbox. Easily save content shared in Slack directly to a Dropbox folder to keep content in one place. 
  • Collaborate on Dropbox Paper docs in Slack. Collaborate on content with the ability to post, preview, create, and search for Paper docs right from Slack.