File sharing and storage made simple

More than 500 million people and 4 million businesses use Dropbox to work smarter
Share with employees, vendors, and clients
All the storage your business needs
Access files from any device, anywhere
Secure 256-bit AES encryption
Admin console to manage permissions
How Dropbox Business works
Dropbox Business is the secure home for all your work. Anything your team adds to Dropbox will automatically sync to all their computers, mobile devices, and even the Dropbox website, so everyone can work together anywhere.
Easy sharing with clients and vendors
Sharing with people outside your team is easy, even if they don't use Dropbox. No more zipping large files - easily create links to files in Dropbox and send them to anyone, no attachments needed.
Managing permissions is simple, with easy-to-use controls that put you in charge of what members can share outside your team.
Secure and reliable

Encryption at rest and in transit

Files are stored using 256-bit AES encryption, and SSL creates a secure tunnel for data transfers.

Remotely unlink devices

Protect sensitive data and prevent unauthorized access by unlinking lost or stolen devices.


Keep your work safe with storage designed for %(uptime)s durability.
Powerful administrative controls

Easy migration

If you or your colleagues already use Dropbox, transferring accounts to the team is painless.

Centralized administration

The admin console lets you easily add or remove members, create team folders, and generate activity reports. It also provides access to additional security features, like unlinking devices, resetting passwords, and restricting sharing.

Single sign-on

Onboarding and offboarding team members is simple with SSO and Active Directory. Dropbox Business has partnered with trusted identity providers to make provisioning a snap.
What customers are saying
We're finding that as a team we're working together better with Dropbox than we've ever worked before.
Ellen Horne, Executive Producer, Radiolab
I no longer have to worry about emailing PowerPoint decks or planning which files I'll need before I get on a plane. Dropbox has changed the way I think about my files.
Rob Ousbey, Chief Operating Officer, Distilled
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Easy access, anywhere

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Strong security

All your data is transferred securely via SSL and stored using 256-bit AES encryption.

Powerful management tools

Deploy, audit, and maintain your team's Dropbox with easy-to-use admin controls.

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