The digital agency creates memorable content and impactful online experiences for brands throughout Southeast Asia, using Dropbox Business to support local and regional team collaboration and stay connected with clients.

Bonsey Jaden, a digital agency

Bonsey Jaden's Key Results

Easy collaboration using a highly structured file system

Access to any files from any location or any device

Confidentiality is easy to maintain with limits on file access

The Challenge

Supporting cloud-based ideals

When Co-founder and Managing Director of Bonsey Jaden, Nic Robertson, set out to form a new kind of digital brand agency with his partners, he knew that a key piece of the company’s operations would center around how employees were able to manage and collaborate on files. With a team spread across six offices from Singapore to Australia, keeping everyone on the same page would be critical to the agency’s success. Robertson had some experience using file-sharing services like WeTransfer and YouSendIt, but believed those would be too limited for many of the company’s needs. After exploring other collaboration focused solutions, Robertson and his partners agreed that Dropbox Business was the answer. He recalls, “Dropbox Business made it very easy to centralise files, provide quick access to those files, and work in a way that fit our vision of how the business should run.”

The Solution

Creative processes without limits

Because Bonsey Jaden’s geographically dispersed teams often work together on projects, shared access to the latest files is crucial. On top of the distances between offices, teams must occasionally travel for certain projects. For instance, when the company took on a digital and social media campaign for the reality TV show Asia’s Got Talent, it deployed a team from the Philippines to shoot behind-the-scenes video footage in Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand. Using Dropbox Business, the team was able to instantly upload and share video files for editing with colleagues back in their home office. “The timeframes in TV are especially tight, and we’re dealing with tons of large files,” adds Robertson. “Without the simple, centralised file storage Dropbox Business offers, it would be very difficult to do what needs to be done for projects like Asia’s Got Talent.” When teams can’t connect with clients on site, they use Dropbox Business to share files externally. By sharing links and setting file access limits, Bonsey Jaden can preserve confidentiality while supporting agency-client collaboration. According to Robertson, using Dropbox Business in this way also enables the company to better track sharing processes. He says, “The Dropbox Business dashboard lets me see the links beng created—which is important. One look tells us exactly what is being circulated among our offices and with clients.”

The Results

Fast project execution, with time to sleep

By centering many operations around Dropbox Business, Bonsey Jaden has been able to execute projects fast, while maintaining leaner teams. As Robertson explains “I do a lot myself. I created an all-access folder on Dropbox to house some of our new employee induction processes. When someone leaves the company, I’m the one to revoke their file access. I don’t need to have an IT team or a head of security in place to do any of this for me.” This nimble way of functioning aligns with how Robertson always intended Bonsey Jaden to run. Robertson says he and the other founders are able to personally manage large teams, control processes, and protect intellectual property while still “getting a chance to sleep a few hours every night”—partly because of how smooth Dropbox Business makes the company’s workflows. Robertson adds, “Dropbox Business isn’t just some tool we use. We started out storing files in it, and everything else built up from there. It’s an integral part of our business.”

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