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Dropbox Business helps Distilled blend marketing expertise and efficiency

Distilled is an online marketing consultancy that specializes in SEO, PPC campaigns, and social media. With offices in London, New York, and Seattle, the company offers consulting and creative services, interactive training, and educational conferences to clients. Distilled's ultimate mission is to help businesses identify and implement success strategies online. Find them online at

Looking at the big picture

In its early days, Distilled operated from a single office in London, with a small team that relied on an on-site server to store all of the company's important files. Once a week, a Distilled executive would bring in a portable hard drive to copy everything from the office drive and take it all home for safekeeping. But as Distilled grew — and eventually decided to open an office in Seattle — it was evident that a change was in order. Personal Dropbox accounts were adopted as a quick fix to allow London and Seattle-based employees to collaborate. But Distilled execs decided to switch over to a networked storage system that would sync files between the offices. Unfortunately the system wasn't very reliable. "It was a dark period for our storage and file collaboration," jokes Chief Operating Officer, Rob Ousbey. With a third office opening in New York and many employees working remotely, Distilled knew it needed to reexamine its options. Because the company had previously experienced success with Dropbox, Ousbey decided to give it another look. He had staff members sign up with personal Dropbox accounts to start, and then migrated the entire company to Dropbox Business once it was available. As Ousbey remembers, the process of moving to Dropbox Business was simple, "getting started was easy — there wasn't any sort of complicated technological process we had to implement."

"Dropbox Business removes friction from our day-to-day processes so we can focus on the real work and the important projects."

Marketing in motion

Today, Dropbox Business helps Distilled employees collaborate seamlessly with each other and with external partners. When cross-functional teams need to work together to process data, write reports, and analyze results, they can do it all from one shared folder — without concerns about file version control or backups. Ousbey adds, "We never worry about emailing files because all of our editing and interaction takes place inside Dropbox. We just tell people which folder to look in and they're able to find exactly what they need." This simplified way of operating has served Distilled particularly well for projects that span offices and time zones. For instance, when an employee in New York requests creative materials from the London team, the PR team in Seattle can easily grab the final materials from Dropbox to promote them. "Dropbox Business removes friction from our day-to-day processes so we can focus on the real work and the important projects," explains Ousbey. Having files synced and available on laptops and mobile devices has also made it easier for employees to work from home, clients' offices, and the road. "I no longer have to worry about emailing PowerPoint decks or planning which files I'll need before I get on a plane," says Ousbey. "Dropbox has changed the way I think about my files." Dropbox Business has also made interaction with clients and vendors even smoother. Because many of Distilled's outside partners use Dropbox themselves, they're familiar with how the application works. "One of the benefits of Dropbox is that it's so widely used," says Ousbey. "Often when I mention Dropbox to one of our accountants or vendors, they tell me they already have accounts. So we can just share a folder with them and we're done. It's really convenient for us."

Security and peace of mind

With so much internal and external sharing going on, security is a big priority for Distilled. Team sharing options allow team admins to manage who has access to important information, and two-step verification adds an extra layer of protection — and peace of mind. These security controls came in handy last year when the company's London office was burglarized and 30 laptops were stolen. Though the situation was terrible, the staff was able to breathe a collective sigh of relief because they knew all of their data was safe on Dropbox Business. Ousbey adds, "Dropbox got us back on track in a day or so after the break-in. We went to the store, bought 30 new laptops, fired them up, installed and synced Dropbox, and we were ready to go." The ease and convenience Dropbox provides add up to one very important end result for Distilled: happier employees and clients. "Anything that makes us a little more efficient allows to us deliver greater value to our clients," Ousbey explains. "So if Dropbox has improved efficiency by even 3 percent, that's a huge gain for us."