Citizen Watch's Key Results

Faster, easier sharing with outside parties 

Streamlined distribution of image assets 

Simple on-boarding and quick adoption 

The Challenge

The beginning of a new era

Behind the scenes of Citizen Watch America's growing operation is a highly dedicated team of 14 IT professionals who are committed to empowering employees with reliable technology. While sales and marketing are making sure the right time-keeping products are promoted and distributed to the right vendors, IT is busy ensuring that systems, software, and hardware are all running as efficiently as possible. When CWA decided to revamp its website in 2012 — under an extremely tight deadline — the IT team turned to an existing FTP tool to collaborate with developers, but found it very limiting when it came to transferring high-res images and other files. IT Director of Development, Gen Miake, remembers, “It took IT attention just to make sure that files got to the other parties.” To simplify processes and free up IT manpower, the team decided to give Dropbox a try. It was a perfect fit. “The convenience and speed at which everyone could access data with Dropbox was really significant,” Miake says. “It was instrumental to the project being completed on time.”

“Getting people to use Dropbox is not difficult at all — which really makes my life a lot easier. I just lead them to water and they drink. It's perfect!”

The Solution

A fast-growing employee favorite

IT team members had found a solution that suited their needs, and as word of Dropbox's power spread, more and more CWA employees began using it to share files with external business partners — rather than relying on slower methods like email.” As affection for Dropbox grew throughout the company, Miake and his team knew it was time to move to a product designed for a larger number of users. So in early 2013, they set up CWA with Dropbox Business. After just one training session, it was smooth sailing. “IT used to be about bringing new technology to users, but the trick is getting people to use it,” Miake says. “Getting people to use Dropbox is not difficult at all — which really makes my life a lot easier. I just lead them to water and they drink. It's perfect!” Now when Citizen introduces a new watch model, authorized images can be quickly distributed to dealers for promotion on their websites. To help representatives retrieve images faster, CWA has set up a digital asset management system that integrates with Dropbox. “When a customer calls and needs a picture of a particular watch, the Dropbox integration makes it easy for reps to deliver,” Miake adds. For the IT department, Dropbox Business has not only eliminated the need to maintain FTP sites, but has also become integral to project management. For the company's selection of a new ERP solution, IT worked closely with an outside consultant — using Dropbox to supply all the information he needed. Now CWA is using Dropbox again to help with the ERP implementation. As Miake explains, “All the data loading, cleansing, and design diagrams that our new ERP partner needs are being stored in Dropbox.” As Miake and his team work on upgrading CWA's warehouse management system, they're using Dropbox to share data on shipment types, maximum shipping volume, and volume of products being moved, so that the consultant helping them can draft accurate requirement specs. “Like most living documents, there are a lot of changes to our specs — which would be out of control if we were using email,” says Miake. ‘With Dropbox version control, everyone is assured that they have the current version of everything they need.”

“With tools like Dropbox, sustaining increased growth will be absolutely achievable.”

The Results

A more progressive approach

With two decades of experience under his belt, Miake has witnessed big transitions across the IT landscape. “The scope of IT has radically increased,” he declares. “It's no longer just ERP — there are SaaS solutions that are critical to the business that we have to support.” Technology like Dropbox Business helps teams like Miake's address challenges without depleting resources. “Our goal is to provide tools that help people do their jobs and meet business needs. Monitoring usage is a big part of this, and Dropbox Business allows us to see where usage is dying. The old ‘if you build it, they will come' IT attitude doesn't work anymore.” As Citizen Watch America continues to grow and optimize its operations, Miake sees Dropbox Business playing a vital role. He says, “In 2013, we achieved double-digit growth and we plan to do that again this year. With tools like Dropbox, sustaining increased growth will be absolutely achievable.”