CSBP Fertilisers uses Dropbox Business to keep its mobile workforce informed and better able to serve its customers.

CSPB Fertilisers, a manufacturing company

CSBP Fertiliser's Key Results

More control over file access

Improved mobile productivity

Faster distribution of marketing materials

The Challenge

Instant information access

Face-to-face time is critical to the kind of customer-focused business CSBP Fertilisers runs. Around 40 Area Managers support customer needs throughout West Australia, and they require continual access to company information to share with end users. For a long time, employees relied on email and network drives to collaborate and retrieve data for customers. But trying to use VPN from remote locations and track down files within emails proved inefficient. As Customer Service Operations Manager Mark La Cava remembers, “When Area Managers were struggling to access information, they weren’t able to provide as much value to our customers.” Soon employees began using their own file storage and sharing solution — Dropbox — making it even clearer to CSBP Fertilisers that a change was in order.

The Solution

Capitalising on familiarity

Because so many employees already understood how to use Dropbox, CSBP Fertilisers saw fast and wide adoption when it rolled out Dropbox Business. Very quickly, the company was able to streamline workflows and take back control over files that had made their way into personal Dropbox accounts. “Setup time and training were minimal,” says La Cava. “The Dropbox Business user interface is so simple to navigate, it was very easy to get everyone on-boarded. And by giving people such an easy-to-use solution, we were able to make sure company information was quickly placed back into a more secure environment.”

The Results

Increased productivity, enhanced service

With so many employees traveling and working remotely, and mobile devices occasionally ending up lost, CSBP Fertilisers values the fact that Dropbox Business offers fail-safe file storage and a simple way to resume work. La Cava adds, “If devices break or go missing, people can just move to another device and re-install Dropbox Business. Very quickly, they’re back to being productive again.” Dropbox Business has also helped increase productivity by enabling CSBP Fertilisers to distribute information to employees in a timelier manner than when the company relied on VPN and FTP sites. When there’s a new marketing initiative that needs to be pushed out, the company uses Dropbox Business to share the news, fast. In turn, employees can present information to customers more quickly. “Dropbox Business has made sharing easier in every sense,” says La Cava. “If Area Managers need to share a map of a tank location, for example, they can just pull it up right away. No one is waiting around for emails to arrive now — they’re better equipped to assist our customers, which is what matters the most.”

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