The record label and artist management company uses Dropbox Business to collaborate on music, video, and event production.

Future Classic, a music company

Future Classic's Key Results

Future Classic, a music company

Easy remote sharing with artists and partners

Fast uploads of huge audio and video files

Secure mobile access to company files

The Challenge

Accessible info for artists and employees

Making records, publishing songs, throwing amazing parties, and turning musicians into global sensations cannot be done in a studio alone. For Sydney-based Future Classic, artist management and promotion involves many hours on the road and a whole lot of collaboration with performers and outside partners. The need for connection and digital file sharing capabilities is huge, and although the company tried using a physical server, portable hard drives, and some simple file sharing applications, they just weren’t enough. Because most Future Classic employees—and many represented artists—were already Dropbox users, it made sense for the company to set up Dropbox Business as a simple, dependable means of sharing large, high-quality audio and video files. “It’s great that employees and artists can have their personal accounts linked with Dropbox Business,” adds General Manager Anna Burns. “There’s no logging in and out again and you can easily move between the two.”

The Solution

Closing the distance between collaborators

Dropbox Business now serves as an information centre point for Future Classic between its artists, crews and employees. Whether they’re touring or working from home bases such as Sydney, Perth, New York, Mexico, and more, individuals can quickly access and share files to collaborate and create together. As Label Manager Ed Sholl explains, “Our business is very content-driven, so we’re constantly exchanging music, visuals, and video files. Having the ability to access assets in Dropbox Business with just a click or two is really key.” The collaboration process typically includes a fair amount of file “tweaking,” according to Sholl, and having the option to access projects via mobile devices comes in very handy. Sholl explains, “We’re always on the move, so it’s nice to have the Dropbox Business mobile app. If I’m stuck in the back of an Uber car or watching a show at a venue, I can still open files securely, send off links, and stay productive.” In addition to sharing work within the organisation, Future Classic employees use Dropbox Business in their dealings with outside distributors, publicists, and other radio and media partners. Administrative business and international campaigns are easily coordinated between territories—without time zones or file access issues standing in the way.

The Results

Fast production of fresh tracks

Dropbox Business has allowed Future Classic to operate fast and efficiently, which is key in an industry where production and trends move at a rapid pace. Employees and artists never have to worry about lengthy file uploads and downloads; they can get to files when they need them, and share them with ease. Burns adds, “The Dropbox Business preview function is great. It’s so helpful to be able to look at files—or listen to them—and react to their contents without having to download them. Uploading is just as easy. I do it once and know it’s the right version. I don’t have to keep updating editions on a server.” That ability to engage with and modify files instantaneously, from anywhere, in collaboration with anyone, helps keep artist output flowing. As Burns notes, “As a company, Future Classic is a very friendly face in Australia—but we want that same perception from an international perspective.” With Dropbox Business helping the company get its name and music out around the world, continued growth and recognition are most certainly on their way.

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