The digital payments provider relies on Dropbox Business to keep its globally distributed staff connected across 15 countries, and empowered as the company enters into new emerging markets.

GoSwiff, a digital payments provider

GoSwiff's Key Results

Easier retrieval of lost and deleted files

Secure internal and external sharing

Simple onboarding and offboarding

The Challenge

Growth and geographic dispersion

Before it was one of the fastest-growing providers of digital payments, GoSwiff was a fledgling operation working diligently to support product development and team collaboration. Early on, the company decided that Dropbox would be a simple, cost-effective way to handle file storage and sharing. However, as storage limits were met and the staff continued to expand, GoSwiff knew it needed to move to a solution that could keep pace with its growth. With employees distributed across a number of locations, the transition to Dropbox Business enabled GoSwiff to work as though everyone was together in one place. “Half of our staff is in Singapore, while the other half is spread across 15 countries,” explains GoSwiff Head of HR, Sylvie Ackermann. “Dropbox allows us to share information like there’s no distance between us.”

The Solution

Simplicity, efficiency, and security

Though GoSwiff had storage and sharing in mind when it adopted Dropbox Business, it quickly realized a variety of other benefits. When internal teams gain a new member, Dropbox Business allows for fast, easy onboarding—which is key as the company continues to grow. “New people already seem to know their way around Dropbox Business when they start, which is great,” says Head of Communications and Marketing Anne Karumo. When projects require teams to interact with outside parties, they use Dropbox Business as a file delivery vehicle. For instance, when the marketing group needs materials produced for an event, it sends the printer a link to the shared folder containing all the files. The company also invites prospective investors to review documents in Dropbox Business when evaluating partnership opportunities. Karumo adds, “It’s important to know the files are secure and that no one can edit or remove them.” According to Ackermann, all of GoSwiff’s files are in Dropbox, and knowing that everything is safely backed up and immediately recoverable is huge. With Dropbox Business, teams never have to worry when a laptop crashes or a file goes missing.

The Results

An empowered, global workforce

By offering GoSwiff a single, secure connection for its widespread workforce, Dropbox Business is helping the company operate more efficiently and responsively—which is critical as GoSwiff expands into emerging markets in Africa, the Middle East, Russia, and more. Karumo notes, “We have employees everywhere from Singapore to Nigeria to Mexico. Our executives travel all the time. With Dropbox Business, I can get a presentation to our CEO while he’s on a plane—and counterparts in Europe can review it at the same time—so we can all react and revise quickly. Without Dropbox Business, it would be impossible for us to work that way. It’s become essential to our business.”

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