The men's suit company uses Dropbox to streamline collaboration and its IT infrastructure, adding up to a 312% return on investment.

Indochino, a clothing company

INDOCHINO's Key Results

Indochino, a clothing company

90 days of work saved per year

Indochino, a clothing company

312% return on investment

Indochino, a clothing company

20 TBs of data migrated from server

The challenge

Solutions unfit for collaboration

Tailoring custom suits not only requires precise measurements, but also precise collaboration. The tools in place at INDOCHINO, however, were creating more work for employees instead of making things easier. Data was spread across various servers and email chains, making it difficult for INDOCHINO's 25 internationally-based employees to collaborate with headquarters in Vancouver. And all employees had to spend time connecting to an unreliable VPN when they'd travel or try to work remotely. On the infrastructure side, INDOCHINO's network access server wasn't keeping up. As design and creative teams especially were creating terabytes worth of content, there wasn't a scalable way to share all this work. Recovering files was also time-consuming for IT, as the process wasn't intuitive enough for end users to handle on their own.

"Thanks to Dropbox's streamlined file sharing service, our teams are able to collaborate more effectively, efficiently, and securely."


The solution

Customizing new workflows

Today, INDOCHINO uses Dropbox Business across its product development, marketing, finance, and HR departments. They use shared folders to work together on design files and new patterns, as well as training materials for new employees. Having one hub for collaboration has made INDOCHINO's global teams work more closely together. They can also collaborate with investors on due diligence documents, as Dropbox is intuitive even for external partners. And employees can access and share projects when they're on the road, letting them be more productive in less time. Thanks to Dropbox, INDOCHINO is deprecating their NAS server, while the Admin Console gives IT more visibility over data than they had before. End users themselves keep much better tabs on their information than before, creating a more secure environment while also giving IT admins time back from recovering files.

The results

Measuring benefits

INDOCHINO has seen tangible business results from Dropbox for both end users and IT. Employees have saved 90 days worth of work from easier collaboration and more efficient workflows. And because Dropbox is allowing INDOCHINO to deprecate its server and maintenance costs, the company is saving over $15,000 a year. Add it all up, and the company has seen a 312% return on investment from Dropbox.

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