Moleskine unites geographically dispersed team to fuel innovation and accelerate digital product development with Dropbox and Dropbox Paper

Moleskine's Key Results

Seamless global collaboration

Faster product development

Increased innovation and employee engagement

The challenge

Uniting globally dispersed teams into a single collaborative space

With products sold in 29,000 stores across 95 countries and a globally dispersed team, the way Moleskine operates has to be seamless and fast to meet consumer demand. Couple this challenge with geographically dispersed offices, subsidiaries, design teams, manufacturing teams, and suppliers, and it makes staying on top that much harder.

It was this test, plus the added complication of moving from physical into digital products that Moleskine faced back in 2012. Known for its luxury notebooks and paper-based products, the brand recognized the need to go digital. It then began developing apps, digital device accessories, and writing tools, to meet customer demand. 

With consumer demand heightening, Moleskine needed to innovate at speed. A tall order since it had a globally dispersed design team working from Europe, Australia, and America. Moleskine needed to create a shared workspace to improve collaboration, encourage innovation, and speed up product development. 

“As we have grown as a business, we have naturally expanded around the world. It means projects involve people, partnerships, and even shared ventures from wildly different locations across Asia, Australia, Europe and America, emphasizing our requirement to collaborate seamlessly on a central platform. We have tried a variety of tools to solve this disconnect, but nothing has stuck and had the level of impact of Dropbox Paper.”

The solution

A centralized, best-of-breed workspace to unite teams and accelerate design and development

Shifting development from physical into digital products came with its own unique set of challenges, but Dropbox Paper has helped Moleskine stay aligned. It has streamlined the design, production, and delivery process so new products get to market faster. The Moleskine Digital Studio now works from what the team call ‘living’ documents, uniting teams in a single workspace where they can share ideas, comment, and provide feedback in real-time.

Before deploying Dropbox Paper, design ideas would be sent out via email, all around the world, collecting feedback as they circled the globe. This took valuable time and slowed the process down. Now, because everything happens in Dropbox Paper, people can contribute directly to projects regardless of where they are, what time it is, or what device they are on. The commenting functionality has nearly eliminated emails and simplified version control too.

Aiding Moleskine’s work across traditional corporate boundaries, the deployment of Dropbox internally has enabled the organization to accelerate digital innovation, and in turn, create value for customers. Key integrations like Zoom and Slack, also allow the team to stay in touch in real time when working from different continents.

“When it comes to new designs and innovation, Dropbox Paper allows us to throw in our ideas quickly, whether video, photographs or text. We then discuss the merits of our ideas directly inside the document, gather valuable feedback, and quickly come to resolutions, solutions and new ideas to elevate and rapidly progress the development of new products. This functionality means we can shave weeks off development time.”

The results

Accelerating new ideas to market and improved employee engagement

Overall, Moleskine’s decision to collaborate using Dropbox Paper has shaved weeks of development time and accelerated the delivery of new products to market.  A shared platform has fueled innovation, improved internal engagement and enhanced the employee experience. 

Contribution and feedback have been democratized, making it easy for global teams to work together, speed up work floors, and ultimately deliver more innovative products to customers, more quickly. Working together and collaborating on a single workspace has reinvigorated and energized the teams at Moleskine.