NewVoiceMedia streamlines global expansion processes and reduces IT strain by moving files away from traditional servers and into Dropbox Business.

NewVoiceMedia's Key Results

OS-agnostic file storage and sharing

Reduced need for IT support

Fast recovery if files are lost or deleted

The Challenge

Mounting IT issues

NewVoiceMedia, the world’s leading cloud customer contact vendor, has been growing its customer base across the globe. As sales have increased, the company has expanded its own infrastructure to meet customer needs — adding offices from the UK to Australia, and a host of locations in between. Within each office, teams were initially supplied with NAS storage servers and VPN access to files. But VPN connections quickly proved problematic. As Global IT Services Manager Nithin Veeraarasu describes, “Remote access was an ongoing issue, especially for our sales team. They would try to pull information across the VPN using 3G hotspots, which wasn’t ideal. We started running into so many problems trying to sync documents and keep versions straight.” On top of connectivity and versioning challenges, Mac users — who account for 35% of the workforce — were encountering OS conflicts when trying to use the VPN. The mounting issues were complicating the expansion process and demanding an inordinate amount of time and energy from NewVoiceMedia’s IT team.

The Solution

Reliable connectivity, high compatibility

NewVoiceMedia began evaluating cloud solutions that could help improve file access, security, and syncing for distributed teams. A partner of Salesforce, NewVoiceMedia uses Microsoft® Office 365 across its divisions, so OneDrive seemed like a logical fit. However, Veeraarasu explains, “When we compared costs and features, Dropbox Business really stood out from the crowd. It adheres to high standards, and everybody knows it.” The company decided to roll out Dropbox Business, adding an installation and troubleshooting guide to each team’s folder to help ease IT workloads. “Now, when someone new joins the company, they can go straight to our guide on Dropbox Business if they encounter any issues,” says Veeraarasu. “No one has to wait for the UK offices to come alive the next day to fix a problem for them.” Mac users no longer have to deal with compatibility problems, as Dropbox Business works seamlessly across devices and operating systems. The application also provides file recovery, regardless of the device being used, which Veeraarasu says is “an absolutely great asset for the business.”

The Results

Cost savings, customer wins

By freeing up the IT team and eliminating VPN costs, Dropbox Business has helped NewVoiceMedia align resources with higher priority initiatives. Thanks to more reliable systems, it’s now easier for the company to grow its workforce and its office locations. According to Veeraarasu, these changes also impact NewVoiceMedia’s customers. “Our marketing teams can share ideas, campaigns, budgets and outcomes; and our sales reps have access to the right customer presentation files. With Dropbox Business, everyone is on track to help grow the company.”

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