New Zealand’s top payment services provider keeps its mobile workforce happy and productive—while keeping sensitive data secure—with Dropbox Business as an integral part of its file storage and sharing systems.

Paymark, a digital payment provider

Paymark's Key Results

Mazarine Coffee, a food & beverage company

 Simpler, more effective collaboration 

 Increased mobility and agility 

Mazarine Coffee, a food & beverage company

 Secure sharing with external partners 

The challenge

Adoption made easy

For over 25 years, Paymark has been processing digital payment transactions for people throughout New Zealand. The company has preserved its place as a payment services leader by putting security, reliability, and innovation at the forefront of both its customer-facing and internal operations. When Paymark decided to implement a bring-your-own-device policy across its workforce, rolling out trusted, secure, mobility-friendly applications was a top priority. Though the company already had legacy products in place, they didn’t work well across the range of new devices being used. Increased collaboration with third parties required an end-user solution that was easy to use but wouldn’t compromise sensitive data. With overwhelming support for Dropbox across Paymark’s staff, the company chose to explore Dropbox Business as its next solution. Simon Burson, Paymark’s Security Manager, adds, “Once people tried Dropbox Business, adoption was quite aggressive. Even our legal team, who can be conservative about new tools, started using it right away.”

The solution

Supporting a secure, mobile workforce

Today, Paymark relies on Dropbox Business to keep staff members and partners connected, no matter what types of devices they’re using or where they’re located while doing their work. “We count on Dropbox Business for file sharing and collaboration on all our work in progress,” adds Burson. “It’s nice to be able to access the files we need, anytime, anywhere we need them.” When employees need to execute P2P transfers, Dropbox Business provides an auditable record for them. Previously, when email was used, P2P transfers were not only difficult to monitor—they were far less secure. Thanks to an integration with the CASB and cloud cyber-security platform, CloudLock, all Dropbox Business sharing is secure and adheres to the PCI compliance standards Paymark is required to meet. As Burson explains, “CloudLock enables us to conduct near real-time monitoring for credit card numbers, to make sure that no one inadvertently puts them in the wrong place while using Dropbox Business.”

The results

Boosting productivity and satisfaction

With mobility fully supported and security systems in order, collaboration throughout the Paymark organisation is simpler and more secure. In addition to making internal processes better for Paymark, Dropbox Business has made it easier for employees to work with external partners. “Our ability to collaborate on anything from contract negotiations to design and development of technical standards with third parties has definitely improved with Dropbox Business,” Burson says. The ultimate result is a more efficient and productive workforce. Burson sums up the impact of Dropbox Business by adding, “We had a set of unsatisfactory tooling in place and people were simply working around them. Moving to Dropbox Business gave us the opportunity to increase staff productivity while also increasing employee satisfaction. In the end, we got something that was more efficient, more secure and that made everyone happy on top of that.”

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