Online grocery retailer simplifies collaboration with Dropbox Business and achieves hypergrowth.

Picnic's Key Results

Seamless international collaboration

Hypergrowth and expanstion

Disrupting established market

The challenge

Disrupting the grocery market with an environmentally friendly online supermarket 

The retail market is a saturated one, and the grocery market even more so. In fact, the top 10 supermarket chains in Europe run over 60,000 stores between them. It means that for new entrants trying to penetrate the market, or established retailers wanting to stay relevant, there’s a need to diversify and offer something different.

That’s exactly what online supermarket Picnic has done. Founded in September 2015, Picnic satisfies a growing consumer demand for convenient, environmentally-friendly alternatives to the traditional supermarket model.

Identifying that people were becoming more time poor and increasingly conscious of their impact on the planet, Picnic devised a new model built in the cloud, that cuts out supermarkets, traffic, waste, and gives people back their valuable time to spend on more enjoyable things.

“Right from the start, we knew if we wanted to succeed and scale we had to build in the cloud. From day one we’ve been using Dropbox Business, and it’s grown with us, and us with it. Every team member that joins our HQs, in either Amsterdam or Düsseldorf, is given a Dropbox Business account and is ready to get to work.”

The solution

Building a flexible, scalable business model in the cloud

Built entirely in the cloud, Picnic’s business model is flexible and agile enough to handle shifting consumer demand, rapid growth, and sudden changes from customers. The business also has a platform ready to scale long into the future, centralising content and making collaboration simple.

Used throughout the business, Dropbox is helping Picnic collaborate between departments and service centers all over The Netherlands and Germany. 

“We’re growing so quickly and Dropbox Business is helping us collaborate between departments and service centers across Europe. With everything centralized, we can ensure everyone is on the same page, and our processes are consistent and scalable.”

The results

Rapid growth and expansion into new markets

Basing itself in the cloud and using Dropbox Business as its platform, Picnic has been able to work together in new ways, accelerating new ideas to market, and forging powerful cross-functional and supplier relationships.

At the time of writing, Picnic has attracted 300,000 customers and has another 100,000 on waiting lists across Germany and The Netherlands. It has grown to over 3,000 employees inside three years and is growing all the time, with peace of mind that Dropbox Business can grow with it.