The activewear retailer improves employee productivity, enabling faster workflows and better customer service with help from Dropbox Business.

Stylerunner's Key Results

Collaboration without interruptions

Greater organisation of files and workflows

Increased control over file permissions

The Challenge

Stop and go operations

When Stylerunner launched its online activewear retail store in 2012, its team of three employees had no trouble using email and portable hard drives to share everything from product copy to photos to web page designs. As the Sydney-based company expanded, however, it realised a need for a more streamlined mode of collaborating—one that didn’t require people to disrupt each other’s workflows every time they wanted to access project files. CEO and Co-Founder Julie Stevanja attests, “We were operating less efficiently because it would take a while to get back on task each time one of us was interrupted.” The company needed a centralised file hub that was easy to access and available to employees anytime, anywhere they wanted to work. Knowing Dropbox’s reputation, Stevanja set up a personal account and gave her coworkers the login information. Though this option served the company for a time, Stylerunner soon needed more control over who was accessing what, so it decided to transition to Dropbox Business.

“We want Stylerunner to be an environment where people feel rewarded and satisfied doing their jobs—and that means having resources that allow them to work productively. Dropbox Business helps us deliver on that by allowing our people to work remotely and without interruption when they’re in the office.”

The Solution

Launching a time-saving system

With company files neatly organised in Dropbox Business, employees can now retrieve Stylerunner project assets without having to bother one another in the process. “We’ve tailored our workflows so that any file any department might need can be found in Dropbox Business, without hassles or delays,“ says Stevanja. “But we’ve also created security around folders and files so that departments only access files that are relevant to their work.” Workflow improvements have allowed the company to save large amounts of time—leading not only to more efficiency but to better employee engagement. She adds, “People want to make an impact when they come to work, not get bogged down searching for files and sending emails. Dropbox Business helps us maintain a happier and more productive workforce.” In addition, Dropbox Business helps Stylerunner’s customer care team locate information quickly for consumers. If, for instance, a customer wants to know when the company will be getting a certain shoe in stock, team members can immediately look at upcoming product ranges in Dropbox Business and report back to the customer.

“We have huge files that take up a lot of data. So instead of trying to send them via a transfer link, we just share a Dropbox link. People get instant access to the files and don’t have to download anything.”

The Results

A perfect setup for growth

With files in order, permissions under control, and interruptions no longer an issue, Stylerunner is able to focus on building its business rather than locking down logistics. Stevanja explains, “Dropbox Business has been key in helping to ensure that our employees have enjoyable, productive days, and that we can assert a level of security over file access. It’s really important for a young startup like ours to be conscious of these kinds of things. We know that as we continue to expand our workforce, Dropbox will be essential.”