Dropbox Business gives Vaimo the power to operate at a rapid pace and keep a strong foothold in the ecommerce solutions market.

Vaimo, an ecommerce solutions provider

Vaimo's Key Results

Easier collaboration across international locations 

Clearer communication with clients and outside agencies 

More control over file versions and design feedback 

The Challenge

Prepping for growth

As a full-service eCommerce solutions provider, Vaimo offers online retailers everything from web design and hosting to ERP and CRM expertise. Since its founding in Sweden in 2008, the company has made it a priority to stay lean and agile — enabling it to innovate quickly and keep pace with big competitors and technology’s endless evolution. Early on, Vaimo set up Dropbox to share and store files. Upon opening its second office in Estonia, the company realized a growing need for a distributed file-sharing solution and file version control. “We had a local server at the first office, but that quickly hit the wall when we expanded,” says Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer PJ Utsi.

The Solution

The fast track to efficiency

According to Utsi, Vaimo decided to move from standard Dropbox accounts to Dropbox Business because “it addressed all of our pain points and let us manage file flows across team members and locations much better.” Now when a new project starts, Dropbox Business becomes the central place to store inspiration images, logos, and other materials during the “discover and define” phase. Using Commenting, Vaimo employees can instantly communicate about work right within specific files, rather than struggling to keep track of instant messages and emails. When collaborating with outside agencies, Vaimo counts on Dropbox Business to share wireframes, IT architecture, interaction designs, and visual input files. For example, when working with the agency that supports Björn Borg, Vaimo receives externally developed visual concepts via Dropbox and uses them to create its final designs. “We work closely with the client’s ecommerce, marketing, sales, and retail teams. There are lots of moving parts, but Dropbox Business helps us stay on top of it all,” Utsi explains.

The Results

Succeeding locally and globally

Because Vaimo maintains offices in 8 markets — Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Norway, the UK, South Africa, Estonia, and the Ukraine — it operates on both local and global levels. Interaction with clients occurs locally, but the company’s teams also must connect with each other across continents. In both cases, speed and efficiency are crucial. “We’re in an intense IT game,” says Utsi. “Sometimes our projects involve delivery teams in three different markets, so our development and design files have to fly across the world fast. We’re completely reliant on services like Dropbox that can help facilitate this.” Dropbox Business helps Vaimo maintain its agility at every level. As Utsi attests, “Dropbox Business, and the way we use it, really helps us drive success. It helps us win. It allows us to be present in different markets and serve clients — while growing our overall business. Without it, we might not be able to do that.”

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