The German nonprofit Viva con Agua collaborates on Dropbox to bring clean water to communities around the world

Viva con Agua's Key Results

Reduced dependence on e-mail

Centralized platform for content sharing

Improved communication between partners

The challenge

Communicating across borders

For most of us, instant access to clean drinking water is a normal part of everyday life. But for many around the world, this basic human right is a privilege. That’s why throughout the past 12 years Viva con Agua de Sankt Pauli e.V. established an international network committed to providing access to clean drinking water and basic sanitation to communities around the world.  

As with most not-for-profits, Viva con Agua is hugely dependent on public awareness and communication to secure donations for projects. But with over 15,000 volunteers working in Germany and far more across the world, often in areas with inadequate internet connections, sharing content was difficult, resulting in delayed communication. 

With all documents, images and reports stored in different locations—and often not loaded until volunteers returned home from projects—quickly sharing information was almost impossible. Under pressure to speed up the communication and content sharing process, Viva con Agua turned to Dropbox Business. 


“Dropbox is a perfect fit for an organization like ours because it’s flexible, scalable and fully supports collaboration and resource sharing.”

The solution

A single collaboration solution for global teams

Through a simple integration with Office 365, Dropbox has revolutionized how Viva con Agua tells its stories to the world. By giving volunteers access to a centralized platform to share images, videos and communication from projects, the company has simplified and sped up its partner comms process. 

Instead of sending emails with data-heavy attachments from projects, photos and videos are taken on site and loaded directly onto Dropbox in real-time. There, they can be accessed instantly by editorial staff and shared with partners across the world through a single, secure link.

"We have come a long way. Our team is completely decentralised and international. For the first time ever, Dropbox makes it easier for us to work together from different locations. Dropbox is a system for everyone.”

The results

Speeding up workflows with the cloud

This meant that for the companies WATER!WALK event, which sees 25 international athletes walk 550 km in a month from Rwanda to Uganda, all content could be shared in real-time. Instead of sending e-mails with data-heavy attachments from the event, photos were loaded onto Dropbox where they could be instantly accessed by the editorial team and shared with partners across the world, through a single link. 

Dropbox has allowed the not-for-profit to run like a truly global organization. The ability to share content instantly, even in low-bandwidth areas, and collaborate in unison on documents means that wherever volunteers are, they are always plugged into the latest information and content.