Someone else's photos are appearing in my Dropbox. Why is this happening?

There are a couple of common reasons why photos you don't recognize can appear in your Dropbox. To determine if one of them is occuring, refer to the following steps.

Find the location and origin of the photos

  1. Access your photos at
  2. Right-click any unfamiliar photo and select Show in Folder. This opens a new browser window, and shows you where the file is located in your Dropbox account.
  3. Right-click the photo again and select Previous versions. You'll see which user and device added this file to your account.

Now that you have these pieces of information, check to see if one of the two scenarios below apply to you:

Are the photos in a folder called Camera Uploads?

When enabled, the Camera Upload feature will automatically upload photos and videos from a camera, phone, tablet, SD card, or other media device connected to a computer running the Dropbox desktop app. Before uploading from one of these devices, a pop-up window will ask the user if he or she wants to use Camera Upload for that device. If the user confirms the use of Camera Upload, photos and videos will be imported from that device to the Dropbox account associated with it. The user may only see this pop-up message the first time a device is connected. Once a device has been approved for Camera Upload, the photos and videos from that device will be automatically uploaded to Dropbox every time that device is connected to the computer.

If the photos were uploaded to the Camera Uploads folder from a computer, it may mean that someone connected a device to your computer. For example, someone may have used your computer to charge their phone or connected a USB memory stick to transfer a file even without you being aware and clicked "OK" on the Camera Upload message without realizing. If they did this, their photos and videos would be uploaded to your account. You can fix this by deleting the photos and videos from your Dropbox account. This will not delete files from the device that uploaded the photos and videos or from any other Dropbox account.

If the files were uploaded to the Camera Uploads folder from a mobile device, it means that your Dropbox account is signed in to a mobile device with Camera Upload enabled. This could have happened if you forgot to sign out from a mobile device that did not belong to you. It is also possible that someone has access to your password and signed in to your account from a mobile device. You should make sure that your email account is secure and that your Dropbox account has a strong, unique password. Additionally, you should also review the devices linked to your account on your security page and unlink any that are unfamiliar to you.

Are the photos in a shared folder?

Shared folders are an easy way to share content with others. Anything that is placed in a shared folder is available to all of the members of that shared folder.

If the photos are in a shared folder you belong to, it means that one of the members of the shared folder added the photos to that folder, either intentionally or by mistake. If you don't think that these files should be in that shared folder, please reach out to the person who added them to suggest another location.

If neither scenario above explains how the photos appeared in your Dropbox, contact Dropbox Support and send us the names of a few photos that aren't yours but are in your account. Once we receive this information, we'll investigate further and get back to you.

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