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Search all your apps. All your tabs. All in one place.

Go beyond Dropbox and search more than just files with Dropbox Dash, your AI-powered universal search tool. Dash works wherever your content lives, so you can search across every surface in a few clicks—from connected apps to emails, and much more.

Image animation shows user typing “company objectives” into the Dash search bar, viewing content with the featured keywords, and then clicking on a Dropbox Paper file titled Company Objective Key Results (OKR).

Search every connected app at once

Dropbox Dash interacts with the tools you use every day: Google Workspace, Microsoft Outlook, Salesforce, Notion, and many more. Use one search bar to search every connected app at the same time.

A parade of logos showcase all the different apps that connect with Dropbox Dash.
Got a question? Just ask Dash

Ask Dash a question, and Dash will gather and summarize relevant info from your apps, files, and content to help find the answer.

Image animation shows a user typing “What is the agenda for the launch kickoff meeting?” then clicking a button labeled Ask Dash, which responds by retrieving information from the user’s content, and relevant links to related files.
Less scrolling and scanning. More productive planning.

It’s not just for apps—search your entire desktop in seconds with Dash, including all those open browser tabs, your calendar, emails, and more.

Image animation shows user inputting “q4 film” into a search bar and Dash showing files containing the keyword before the user clicks on a slideshow titled “Q4 Film Schedule.”
Smart collections to keep you organized

With Stacks, you can go beyond what’s possible with folders and bookmarks. Group important info all together from files, apps, browser links, and more side by side. Then, share and update with your team.

Image animation shows a user with an open presentation titled Q4, opening Dash and clicking “new stack,” labeling the stack Q4, and inputting the presentation into the stack and then into the user’s library.
See your whole day at a glance

Keep your work day in one central page with Dash, from what meetings to attend, what files you’ll need, and which projects to prioritize—all in one distinct tab.

Image animation shows a cursor moving as a user navigates across a page with information for the day, including calendar events and different kinds of files.

Search everything with one tool.

Currently in beta and available in English only.

Over half the Fortune 500 trusts Dropbox with sensitive company data—here’s why:

For your eyes only

Dropbox protects your data against brute force attacks, ransomware, malware, and breaches.

Protect proactively

Secure end-to-end data transfer, industry-leading encryption, and much more.

Security that scales

Dropbox offers content and data security for businesses of any size.