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Visit the Dropbox Dash Trust Center to learn more about how Dash keeps your data and information secure.

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Safe, secure, and straightforward privacy policies

View earned regulator certifications and information on security, compliance, and privacy so you can see how Dash’s security stacks up to competitors. Access the latest Dash security policies in real time and stay up to date about how we keep your data and information secure.

Dropbox is committed to safeguarding the security and privacy of our users' data. In alignment with that commitment, we have taken steps to ensure Dropbox's compliance with the CCPA, EU-US DPF, GDPR and SOC 2.

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Access Dash educational content, such as whitepapers and more, to learn more about Dash security.

Dropbox Dash Security

Dropbox Dash is AI-powered universal search that helps speed up the way you work across all your applications.

Dropbox Privacy Practices

Personal data plays a huge part in society and the economy. At Dropbox, trust is the foundation of our relationship with customers around the world.

Dropbox Data Protection

In order to protect customer data, Dropbox takes comprehensive measures to protect information, train employees in privacy practices and build a culture where trust is the highest priority.