Datastore API SDKs

Warning: The Datastore API has been deprecated. Learn more.

The Datastore API lets you effortlessly sync all of your app's structured data such as contacts, to-do items, and game state. It enables your app to sync data quickly, manage conflicting changes, and even work offline.

Before building an app using the Datastore API, you'll need to create an app on the App Console.

Python SDK

Download and uncompress the Python SDK. To install the dropbox module and any dependencies, run the setup script (you may need sudo).

python install

Alternatively, you can use pip to automatically download and install the module.

pip install dropbox

That's it. Once you import the dropbox module into your app, you'll be able to use all the API methods.

Example apps

If you want to see the Datastore API in action, check out the example/datastore_app directory in the SDK bundle. There you can find a simple task tracking web app that uses the Datastore API to save tasks to Dropbox, as well as command-line and Tkinter versions of the same app.