Announcing Dropbox Python SDK 2.0

Posted by Steve Marx on December 20, 2013

Today we released version 2.0 of the Dropbox Python SDK. This is the first production release of Datastore API support in Python. Thank you to all the developers who provided feedback on the beta releases. Note that there is now just one library for both the Core API and the Datastore API, so you can download it from either the Datastore SDKs page or the Core SDKs page (or from PyPI).

If you're looking to dive into datastores, be sure to check out the examples in the SDK download under the path example/datastore_app.

In addition to the Datastore API support and a few new Core API features, this version of the library uses urllib3 for connection reuse and pooling. For the details of what else has changed in the 2.0 release, please see the changelog.

As always, please share your feedback on the developer forum.