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Where are my Camera Uploads?

The Camera Upload feature uploads photos and videos to the Camera Uploads folder in your Dropbox and names them with the date and time they were taken. You'll also be able to view any pictures uploaded with Camera Upload by going to the Photos page in your account online.

Dropbox will not delete files from your mobile device after they are uploaded. The files on your camera, phone, tablet, or SD Card will remain on your device until you remove them manually.

Can I have different Camera Upload folders for different devices?

Your Dropbox is a single account, and acts as a central repository for all of your photos and files. The Camera Upload feature uploads all of the photos from your connected device(s) into the same Camera Uploads folder. There is currently no way to have different devices upload into different Dropbox folders with the Camera Upload feature.

You can, however, manually upload photos and videos to any location with your Dropbox account, or move files from the Camera Uploads folder into other folders later.

What if Camera Upload is missing some of my files?

The Camera Upload feature is designed to check if a photo or video was previously uploaded—this is done to prevent duplicate files. As a result, photos or videos that have already been imported using Camera Upload will not upload again, even if you've deleted the files from your Dropbox.

Using Carousel with the Dropbox Camera Uploads feature

If you have installed Carousel on your device, the Dropbox app will no longer automatically upload photos and videos to your account; those automatic uploads will be handled by Carousel.

There's no need to disable the Camera Upload feature within the Dropbox app, as it will automatically be disabled when Carousel is installed.

Dropbox for Business users

If you used Camera Upload in Dropbox for Business prior to April 9, 2014, any existing photos or videos previously uploaded using this feature will remain in your work Dropbox. Going forward, Camera Upload will only be supported in your personal Dropbox. Instead of using Camera Upload in Dropbox for Business, you can individually select which files you'd like to upload from your mobile device. This allows you to avoid mixing personal and work files.

Additionally, your Photos page on the website will only show the photos stored in your personal Dropbox. Learn more about how photos are handled in Dropbox for Business.