Canceling Dropbox Plus—refunds, and downgrading to Dropbox Basic

Note: This article is specific to Dropbox users with Plus subscriptions.

Learn more about canceling a Dropbox Business subscription.

If for any reason you need to downgrade your Dropbox Plus subscription back to a free Dropbox Basic account, please follow the instructions below. We hope you consider upgrading again in the future if your storage needs ever increase.

Downgrade your Plus account's subscription

  1. Sign in to the Dropbox website with the Dropbox account you wish to unsubscribe.
  2. Visit the downgrade page.
  3. Select Downgrade.

Note: If you downgrade, you'll still finish any time remaining on your current subscription before the Dropbox quota granted by the Plus upgrade expires. After downgrading, your account will no longer automatically renew and no further renewal charges will be applied from that account.

Downgrading to a smaller Dropbox won't delete any of the files already there. Please be aware that Dropbox will not delete any of your files when your subscription is downgraded. If downgrading causes your account to go over quota, all that should happen is that your file syncing between connected devices will stop.

Your Dropbox folder will only sync files between your account and connected devices until you reach or surpass your account's storage quota. You will not be able to add any new files to your Dropbox or restore any files removed from your Dropbox until there is enough free space in your available quota to do so.

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