Recovering and restoring deleted files or folders on Dropbox

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Restoring a deleted file or folder

  1. Sign in to
  2. Click Files in the left sidebar.
  3. Click Deleted files in the left sidebar.
  4. Locate the deleted file or folder you want to recover, and click on the name.
  5. Click Restore.

Note: Restorations can take time if there's a large number of files to restore.

Recover multiple files or folders

You can recover any file or folder deleted in the last 30 days from the Dropbox website (or longer, if you have a Dropbox Business account, or a Dropbox Plus account with extended version history).

  1. Click Show deleted files in the right sidebar.
  2. All deleted files and folders will appear in the list in gray. Hover over the name of the deleted file or folder you want to recover and click (ellipsis icon).
    • Note: You can select multiple files or folders at once by clicking the checkbox icon.
  3. Click the Restore button to restore the deleted file or folder.

Did you delete a shared folder? You can add it back to your Dropbox.

Restore previous versions for a year with extended version history

If recovering files becomes a recurring issue, you can upgrade your account to include the extended version history feature, which allows you to revert to a previous file version or recover a deleted file at any time within a year of an edit or deletion made after your purchase. Learn more about extended version history.

Note: Permanently deleted files are not recoverable with extended version history.

Learn more about deleting files.

I deleted a shared folder—will that affect other members of it?

Deleting a shared folder in Dropbox only affects your account. When you delete a shared folder, you leave it. Leaving a shared folder by deleting it takes that folder out of your account, but others will keep their access. You can add the folder back to your Dropbox account at any time. However, deleting individual files from a shared folder will remove them for all members of the shared folder.

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