Video editing simplified

Dropbox and Clipchamp allow you to easily create, store and share videos – without ever leaving your browser.

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Access your entire Dropbox video library in Clipchamp with one click. With the Clipchamp Extension in Dropbox, you can open and edit your video files in Clipchamp without downloading or uploading your files. Once you’ve imported your videos from Dropbox, Clipchamp makes it super easy to combine, trim, add text, filters, music and more. When you’re done editing, simply export your finished project back to Dropbox.

  • Organise your videos. Storing your video files in Dropbox means you’ll save a ton of space on your device and keep all your files organised in the cloud. There’s no need to download all your video files to edit them, just import them to Clipchamp and start editing your videos in the browser.
  • Get instant feedback. Share your video files with Dropbox to get actionable feedback. When it’s time to make changes, simply open your project in Clipchamp and edit your video accordingly. Export directly to Dropbox again to share and get more feedback.
  • Team access to project files. Share your individual video files to your team from Dropbox. Each member can use the files and edit their own videos with their individual Clipchamp account, then export their finished project in Dropbox without overriding anyone’s work.