Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) and cloud cybersecurity platform that protects users, data and apps in the cloud

Together, Dropbox and Cloudlock combine a relentless focus on security with an exceptional commitment to productivity and ease of use.

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Cloudlock provides security teams with enhanced visibility and control in their cloud environment, allowing for rapid detection and response to risks such as cyberthreats, oversharing and inadvertent exposure. Cloudlock mitigates the risk of data breaches through automated, policy-driven quarantining capabilities when sensitive data is discovered. Using a cloud-native approach, Cloudlock adds an extra layer of security to your team’s Dropbox environment by monitoring account activity through the Dropbox Business APIs.

Cloudlock CASB

  • Identify and remediate data exposure. Discover if sensitive information stored in Dropbox, such as intellectual property and PCI, is improperly exposed using a customisable policy engine. 
  • Automate incident response. Quarantine exposed sensitive information automatically through policy-driven response actions.
  • Detect suspicious login activity. Flag abnormal authentication behaviour indicative of account compromise, including unusual logins and sessions from geographically disparate areas.
  • Monitor cross-platform activity. Analyse user behaviour data across cloud applications, including SaaS, IaaS, PaaS and IDaaS environments for correlated security insights.

Cisco Web Security Appliance

  • Network control inter-operability. Enable organisations to limit the use of unauthorised personal Dropbox accounts on corporate networks, whilst allowing access to company-managed accounts using Cisco Web Security Appliance and Dropbox Network Control

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