Safely adopt cloud services in your company whilst meeting security, compliance and governance requirements

Together, Skyhigh and Dropbox secure enterprise file sharing and collaboration whilst ensuring visibility, compliance, threat protection and data security.

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Skyhigh extend an additional layer of security to Dropbox, enabling enterprises to gain visibility of cloud usage, enforce granular data loss prevention and collaboration controls, detect threats from insiders and compromised accounts, and secure cloud data with encryption and contextual access controls.

  • Discover shadow IT. Identify which shadow cloud file sharing services employees are using and coach them towards Dropbox, the corporate standard.
  • Analyse usage and behaviour. Identify all users and groups accessing Dropbox and determine which users are accessing sensitive data.
  • Enforce cloud data loss prevention. Apply DLP policies based on data identifiers, keywords and regular expressions across data stored at rest and data uploaded or shared in real time.
  • Secure external collaboration. Enforce sharing policies based on domain restrictions and content. Educate users on acceptable collaboration policies.
  • Visualise collaboration. Summarise sharing with third-party business partners, personal emails and internal users, and report on policy exceptions
  • Network control inter-operability. Enable organisations to limit the use of unauthorised personal Dropbox accounts on corporate networks, whilst allowing access to company-managed accounts using Skyhigh Networks and Dropbox Network Control

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