Collaborate across content and projects

Dropbox and Trello allow teams to stay in sync and collaborate effortlessly on projects and files.

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Trello boards create a shared space for teams to organise, collaborate and share information to accomplish their business goals. Together, Dropbox and Trello provide a centralised location for team members to attach Dropbox files and folders securely to tasks in Trello, so teams can manage all of their work in one place.

  • Reduce the need to move between platforms. Directly add a file to an existing Trello card, or even create a new card, all without leaving Dropbox. Easily share or open Dropbox files from right inside a Trello card.
  • Easily preview any file. View any file format supported by Dropbox previews directly in Trello, even if you don’t have the source application installed.
  • Keep everyone on the same page. Simplify the way you work on a project by knowing that you always have the most up-to-date files, whether it’s in Trello or in Dropbox. 
  • Stay in the flow and save time. Easily see what shared content you have directly from thumbnails in Trello cards. Understand what types of files are involved with your overall project, and share links by copying them directly from the thumbnails.