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Keep your entire design workflow in one central place and boost your team’s productivity. InVision's platform integrates with Dropbox to automatically push and pull activity from your team’s account straight into InVision.

Connect InVision directly to your personal or team Dropbox account to simplify your design workflow. Add screens with JPGs, PNGs and GIFs or have artboards automatically extracted to your project by uploading PSD and Sketch files. All files will stay in sync so, if you make edits to the file in Dropbox, those changes will appear in InVision.

  • Unify your team’s workflow. Dropbox users can pull in their screens right from an InVision project.
  • Stay in sync. Make a change to the file in Dropbox and watch your files update automatically in InVision.
  • Automate artboard extraction. PSD and Sketch file artboards are extracted automatically into individual screens, saving you tedious time on screen exports.

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