The jobs portal uses Dropbox Business to share marketing materials easily with its clients, improving customer service and reducing the strain on IT resources.

ABSOLVENTA's key results

Faster and simpler collaboration

Increased time savings due to reduced IT support need

Greater security of company data


Server failure drives demand for new solution

Before implementing Dropbox Business, ABSOLVENTA was working with its own file server infrastructure. The company’s entire knowledge was stored on those servers, which required a substantial amount of servicing by the IT department. Over time, the hard disks started failing. The company’s file server had mirrored hard drives and the company had backups, but replacing failed HDD and recreating the RAID took time and effort. “Thinking about it now, it was a very risky solution. When our servers started failing, we were looking for a reliable and trusted solution that would keep our data secure” says Markus Waitl, a member of the company’s developer team.

“Dropbox Business offers enough storage and has very easy-to-use admin functionalities that enable account admins to quickly manage access rights to documents and folders.”


Seamless data transfer

Many employees were already familiar with Dropbox and had private accounts, so they were familiar with its features and functionalities. In the end, ABSOLVENTA decided to purchase Dropbox Business because of its simplicity and user friendliness. The data transfer from the old file servers was managed seamlessly via the Dropbox client. The company was able to keep the existing folder structure and mirror it into the cloud. Today, every employee has their own Dropbox Business licence, so all teams within ABSOLVENTA have moved to the cloud without skipping a step. Alongside Dropbox Business, ABSOLVENTA’s marketing team uses Paper to share knowledge internally and externally. Press release and photo materials are distributed externally via Dropbox, and an internal marketing newsletter is drafted and shared with employees in Paper on a monthly basis. The sales teams are sharing materials with customers via Dropbox. As Markus points out: “Clients recognise Dropbox when we send them a shared link, which makes external sharing much easier”.

“If you are looking for a reliable file server solution that, at the same time, enhances collaboration among employees, Dropbox is the partner you have been looking for”.


More time for development

The implementation of Dropbox Business has saved everyone, but especially the IT department, a lot of time. As a small company, ABSOLVENTA’s IT experts are not solely assigned to managing desktops and server issues. The file servers were managed entirely by the development staff – programmers who are now completely free to work on the product. Tasks such as servicing file servers, backing up data and recovering lost files have become obsolete. “The responsibility has been shared among all employees because they store their data in Dropbox and can recover files easily without IT support. The risk management has completely fallen away, [because] you can track everything back and it provides the security we need”, Markus adds. He can invest the time he has gained back into development, which is important for innovation and progress at ABSOLVENTA. The company also completely eliminated the need for VPN dial-ins to access the company’s files. Everything is readily available wherever there is an Internet connection. Markus’s advice for other companies: “If you are looking for a reliable file server solution that, at the same time, enhances collaboration among employees, Dropbox is the partner you have been looking for”.