The construction company streamlines the service call process using Dropbox Business, savings hundreds of thousands of dollars a year for an ROI of 300%.

Brandt's Key Results

300% ROI in the third year

10X decrease in service documentation processing time

Stronger security for customer payment information


Drowning in a sea of paperwork

Brandt can attest that everything truly is bigger in Texas, as the Dallas-based firm provides mechanical, electrical and plumbing services to some of the Lone Star State’s largest commercial buildings. But, whilst the 64-year-old company’s expertise in supporting big facilities is time-tested, one part of its business needed an overhaul: the service call process. Technicians would bring service forms to job sites, taking up precious client time with housekeeping items. “When a technician sits in a van and fills in paperwork for an hour, the customer doesn’t like to pay for that” says Kevin Underwood, Service Business Analyst. Faxing or emailing forms back to headquarters led to version confusion and meant documents didn’t always make it to the right department. “We’d end up either under-billing or not billing at all” Underwood says. After testing the file syncing speeds of numerous cloud providers, Brandt decided on Dropbox Business to complement the roll-out of tablets from long-term partner Dell. “We chose Dropbox Business because its file sync performed the strongest across platforms” says Robert Everett, Director of IT, “and it has simple, effective data recovery”.

“To see a 300% ROI in our third year was totally beyond our expectations and has transformed how our business works”.


Bringing technicians and supervisors closer

Using Dropbox Business, Brandt create a shared folder for each technician, containing open work orders. “Instead of sorting through stacks of paper, technicians have a clean list in Dropbox of things they need to do that day” Everett says. Technicians fill in forms on tablets as they’re completing project work in the field, and customers digitally sign once jobs are complete. Brandt also integrated their custom-built ServiceTech App with Dropbox, making it even easier for technicians to view their work orders. Forms are then automatically saved to the right Dropbox shared folder, which notifies the approving supervisor of changes. “Our old ways of communicating led to a lot of frustration amongst team members and customers” says Jennifer Groves, Service Business Supervisor. “Dropbox’s speed and reliability have helped us work better together”. Brandt say Dropbox Business is also keeping important data secure – a critical requirement when dealing with customer information. “I don’t have to worry about data security, because of the encryption and transport layer protocols that Dropbox has in place” Everett says.

“Our technicians are more efficient, our customers are getting what they need more quickly, and we are delivering to the bottom line in ways that were unforeseeable when we began this process”.


Paying for itself and then some

By transforming Brandt’s service call process, Dropbox Business has paid for itself in year one, whilst providing a highly positive recurring return in coming years. Brandt’s 120 technicians save at least 15 minutes per job by using Dropbox Business, the company estimates. “Technician time is the most valuable resource we have” says Jim Stagg, Director of Service. “We’re able to use these time savings to care for our customers better”. As a result, the company has seen a measurable $400,000 increase in technician productivity. This represents an ROI of 300% in the third year, after factoring in the cost of Dropbox Business and other related investments. “Our technicians are more efficient, our customers are getting what they need more quickly, and we are delivering to the bottom line in ways that were unforeseeable when we began this process” Stagg says. Brandt are also using Dropbox to help keep their accounting records accurate, and even maximise revenue. The company recognises nearly $500,000 of monthly revenue a full month earlier. “Our cash flow is a lot cleaner, so we have a better idea of how we’re tracking each month” Underwood says. Whilst the team is pleased with its return so far, the best may be yet to come. Brandt have nearly doubled their technician force in the last two years, and getting them set up on Dropbox Business has been easy. “The system is so straightforward that it’s allowed us to grow quickly” Underwood says. “Our return from the solution will only keep growing as our team does”.