Dropbox Business helps Campaign Monitor keep its email marketing designs accessible – and secure – to meet the demands of a growing number of clients.

Campaign Monitor’s key results

Easy collaboration across devices and platforms

Greater visibility of workflows

Better control over intellectual property


A call for consistency

With a roster of email marketing clients that increases by thousands each week, Sydney-based Campaign Monitor is no stranger to growth. The company has been scaling resources for years, recently opening an office in San Francisco. But with expansion came struggles to collaborate effectively. “It was messy” admits Director of UX, Buzz Usborne. “Everything happened over a multitude of channels – email, internal services, a server, personal Dropbox accounts. Files would go missing a lot, and it was impossible to get any sort of transparency into designers’ daily workflows.” The company needed a solution that was secure, but also flexible and easy for freelancers and staff to use – so it turned to a name it already trusted. “We’d been using Dropbox for a long time and the benefits far outweighed anything else we’d seen. It was a clear-cut choice for us to set up Dropbox Business” says Usborne.


Expanding visibility, refining security

The fact that Dropbox Business can be used across devices and platforms was a key factor for Campaign Monitor. The company needed to know that employees and freelancers would be able to share projects between PCs and Macs, and have the freedom to pull up files on their mobile phones. As Usborne describes: “Every person on our team works slightly differently. Some are remote, some use phones, others use laptops. Dropbox Business works everywhere.” The company can now quickly onboard freelancers, providing immediate access to active files and archived projects. Workflows stay transparent, so there’s never a question about who’s working on what. “Even the most junior designer knows that the owner of the company can see his work” explains Usborne. “It keeps everyone on a level playing field. Dropbox Business gives us total visibility and that really enables us to do our best work.” Dropbox Business also offers Campaign Monitor a degree of security it didn’t previously have. Files are automatically backed up, and features such as two-factor authentication prevent unauthorised users from accessing them. “As we procure more high-profile clients, we need to be able to assure them that every system we use is completely secure” adds Usborne. “Dropbox Business is perfect for that.”


Success by design

The visibility, control and peace of mind that Dropbox Business provides Campaign Monitor has allowed the company to continue growing and creating great designs – without logistical challenges. Usborne says “It’s a win for our customers because we can ship products faster, and it’s a win for us because we can do quality work without thinking about the complexities of how to get it done.”

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