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The spirits supplier uses Dropbox Business to share its latest marketing materials with salespeople and customers, improving relationships with distributors and increasing the focus on sales.

Castle Brands' key results

Company-wide installation of Dropbox mobile app

100% decrease in sales requests for files from marketing

More secure management of company data


Innovating in a tradition-bound industry

As a global spirits supplier, Castle Brands specialise in bringing the highest quality spirits and liqueurs, such as Pallini Limoncello and Goslings Rum, to shops. Thanks in part to their distinctive portfolio, the New York-based company has become one of the faster-moving suppliers in the industry. But Castle realised that inefficient technology was holding them back from even bigger growth. Castle’s marketing team had become accustomed to hauling around laptops and even physical binders with promotional material when visiting distributors, limiting the use of more compelling assets such as videos. Even as Castle shifted towards using email, information was scattered in attachments and often hard to access over temperamental VPNs. Salespeople would ask the marketing team to re-send images that they had trouble finding, wasting precious customer time, says Andre Preoteasa, Director of IT. “Email is a great product, but people use it for everything and it becomes the worst product” he says. Castle decided to turn to the cloud for help with easing employee collaboration, settling on Dropbox Business because the solution makes it easy to share files with external partners. The company also appreciated the solution’s enterprise security features and the mobile app’s intuitive interface on the iPad. “We needed a solution that would be adopted by non-tech savvy users, whilst also giving me enterprise functionality such as integration with Active Directory Federation Services” Preoteasa says, referring to Microsoft’s single sign-on software. “Dropbox Business was the right fit for us”.

“We needed a solution that would be adopted by non-tech savvy users, whilst also giving me enterprise functionality such as integration with Active Directory Federation Services. Dropbox Business was the right fit for us.”


Delivering key assets to sales

Priding itself on its high-calibre sales and marketing operations, Castle employees rely heavily on Dropbox Business for sharing files with their customers – the distributors that stock retailer shelves with spirits. “We have to make it as easy as possible not only for our employees, but also for our customers” Preoteasa says. The company uses shared links to easily share high-resolution images and videos of promotional material on the hottest rum or whiskey with customers. They also use the links to quickly shoot over PDFs with the latest pricing information. “There are always updates to these logos, presentations and spreadsheets and, now that I can make updates to the Dropbox folder directly, our sales force always has the most up-to-date information” says Donna Hibbert, Marketing Controller. When the marketing team add new collateral to the shared folder for sales, sellers see the notifications on their screen as soon as the latest material is uploaded. “Salespeople can see ‘Donna added 20 new files’ and can then say to our customers ‘check out this new bourbon flavour – here are all of the new images’” says Hibbert. When salespeople are on the road, they can flip through images and videos with clients easily, as all of their folders are available through the Dropbox iOS app. “Dropbox on iPads just looks like it belongs” Preoteasa says. “It’s intuitive, attractive and reliable”.

“It’s incredibly important that our brand is consistent across all spectrums. With Dropbox Business, we can easily share new marketing materials with the latest messaging with our sales force, clients and press contacts.”


Reducing bottlenecks to potential sales

Rolling Dropbox Business out at Castle has enabled employees to focus more on providing great service to customers and less on figuring out how to share info with each other. Sales requests to marketing for collateral have declined 100% now that everything lives in a shared folder, the company says. “All I have to do is update the collateral and save – I don’t get asked where content lives any more” says Hibbert. “I am so much more efficient thanks to Dropbox, and it’s freed up more of my time so it can be devoted to making our brand stand out.” Preoteasa says that employees have been quicker to adopt Dropbox Business than he’d expected – all of them are now using the solution on their tablets. “It’s our company vision to be fully mobile” Preoteasa says. “With Dropbox Business, our employees can be more productive and pitch our newest products to distributors in ways we never could before”.