Castor & Pollux dub Dropbox Business “part of their DNA” after five years using the solution to support creative processes within their digital ad agency.

Castor & Pollux's key results

Fast, easy collaboration on design work

Reliable remote access to projects

Secure file sharing with clients


Moving forwards whilst preserving the past

French digital advertising agency Castor & Pollux do more than create breakthrough websites, apps and display ads for their clients. The company treats clients like friends. This means fostering a highly collaborative environment and using flexible, simple-to-understand tools. Dropbox was one of the first such tools that Castor & Pollux set up when it launched in 2010. But, as the agency grew from its original two founders, the need for file storage also grew – so the decision was made to move to Dropbox Business. “We already knew Dropbox was a great solution” co-founder Julien Cocquerel says. “We chose Dropbox Business because of the added storage and ability to retrieve deleted files. Just this morning, a client asked me for a file I deleted three years ago. I couldn’t have got it back if I’d been using my personal account.” Dropbox Business also made good financial sense for the burgeoning company. As Cocquerel explains, “When you’re a young company, you don’t have the money to buy a server and you certainly can’t afford to have a server fail. Dropbox Business is cost effective and it never breaks.”


Perfect project timing

In order to make workflows as fluid and fast as possible, Castor & Pollux decided to integrate Dropbox Business with realtime messaging app, Slack. This allows team members to accelerate collaboration and communication. It also enables designers to work on projects right up to presentation time, because their up-to-the-minute work can be accessed instantly from Dropbox Business. According to co-founder Stéphane Clousier, “Part of the magic of Dropbox Business is that I can be in a meeting, tell the client I think the designer just completed the job and then open it right there, live, in front of them, even if it was uploaded three hundred miles away”. When Castor & Pollux employees can’t be in the room with clients, presenting work is still seamless and simple. As Clousier notes, “Although we use Dropbox Business primarily inside the company, with certain clients – such as Lagardère – we send files directly via a Dropbox link”.


An effective business model

The decision to go with Dropbox Business has given Castor & Pollux the freedom to operate the way it always intended, with flexibility built into every workflow. After five years using Dropbox Business, Cocquerel has come to think of it as part of Castor & Pollux’s DNA. “Dropbox Business is the kind of solution that can make your business model” he says. “It’s so deeply ingrained in our processes, I can’t imagine doing what we do without it”.

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