Earth Hour, the world’s largest grassroots environmental campaign, uses Dropbox Business to bring together people across 170+ countries to protect the planet from climate change.

Earth Hour, an environmental non-profit

Earth Hour's key results

Increased collaboration across cultures and skill sets

Improved storage that scales to meet fluctuating demands

Greater control of partners' file access


Gathering files from around the globe

In 2007, Earth Hour wowed the world with an unprecedented “lights off” that showed the planet what people can achieve when they stand united for action on climate change. In the following year, Earth Hour became global and is now celebrated in over 172 countries and territories. Their campaign organisers, who are a mix of World Wildlife Fund offices and volunteers, knew that in order to stay connected to each other, event ambassadors and participants, they’d need a scalable solution that could unite people worldwide. They needed to be able to share documents, photos and videos around the time of the event. On top of that, they wanted to make sure the solution offered an easy learning curve for individuals of different cultural and technical backgrounds, and provided mobile file access, which had been impossible with the organisation’s network drives.


A meeting point for millions

Because many members of the campaign’s core team were familiar with Dropbox, in 2012, Earth Hour Global decided to try sharing and storing event files with Dropbox Business. As Executive Director of Earth Hour Global Sid Das explains, “We put together a set of Dropbox Business FAQs in case our users needed support, but people everywhere from Libya to Argentina seemed to inherently know how to work with Dropbox. The first time we saw images and videos coming in from around the world, we realised our plan was working.” Now, Earth Hour Global can distribute media templates and talking points on environmental issues quickly via Dropbox Business, helping international ambassadors communicate a consistent message. They can easily collect videos, photos and testimonials for use in post-event media materials. And all of their files from each event can be archived in Dropbox Business for future use.


Sharing experiences, worldwide

One of the greatest benefits Dropbox Business has offered Earth Hour Global is flexibility. Users have the flexibility to retrieve documents from mobile devices, and selectively sync so masses of files aren’t saved on their PCs. In addition, the number of people allowed to use Dropbox Business can scale up and down in response to event needs. “Dropbox has been so supportive in helping us further our cause. They really understand our mission” Das adds. By establishing a single point of contact for everyone involved in Earth Hour, campaign organisers have streamlined the entire event. As Das says, “I’ve been doing Earth Hour for seven years, and it’s still thrilling to watch a landmark such as the Eiffel Tower go dark or see people celebrating Earth Hour. Dropbox Business enables us to share that experience with the world. There’s not another option that would let us compile Earth Hour data and manage the event like it does.”

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