The leading Southeast Asian Internet and mobile platform company delivers software to its users efficiently using Dropbox Business to streamline file sharing.

Garena, an Internet platform company

Garena's key results

Easier sharing of large photos and PSD files

Faster file syncing with LAN sync

Great ability to access files remotely


Keeping everything in sync

As part of its multi-billion-dollar business in Southeast Asia, Internet company Garena helps its partners fill their virtual shelves with appealing products for users. In order to deliver content to their partners, Garena’s development team must compile pertinent project files and load them into installers. To gather the correct files and execute this process, Garena’s Product Manager Fan Yu initially got his team to set up personal Dropbox accounts. Yu has been a Dropbox user since his time at university and knows it offers an easy way to share work. Unfortunately, it wasn’t long before the group began to run out of file space. They tried a different sharing solution, but it led to syncing problems. “Sometimes we would turn on two PCs that were supposed to be synced, and the files would be completely different from each other” explains Yu. He decided to put in a request to get the entire team moved to Dropbox Business.


Establishing a project management axis

The transition to Dropbox Business was fast. As Yu recalls, “We set up our Dropbox Business accounts, organised our files, established file settings and that was it. It probably only took a couple of hours to set the whole thing up.” The team are now free to work much more efficiently. Dropbox Business serves as a central file hub for everyone involved in each project – Yu shares the project specs there, designers save their large PSD and photo files there, then developers go to Dropbox Business for the assets they need to create products. Yu says “Everyone in the team can see everything in Dropbox Business. It’s so transparent. And it’s so integral to our processes, we don’t even feel its presence any more.”


Speedier deliveries

Dropbox Business has enabled Garena to accelerate almost all of their workflows. File syncing has become faster, thanks in part to LAN sync; sharing among designers, developers and other employees is quick and seamless and, because files of all sizes can now be shared easily among team members, it’s no longer necessary for every single person to run anti-virus scans. Yu scans files for everyone before they are sent out to clients, which helps keep developers’ PCs from running slowly under the weight of hefty anti-virus applications. Ultimately, all of these time savers allow the team to create innovative, new products and make crucial updates more rapidly. “When we test new products, we always gather feedback and make improvements based on what we hear from clients” explains Yu. “Dropbox Business helps us get through development cycles and deliver revisions to our clients faster, and this kind of efficiency is great for Garena’s business”.

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