The beer distributor relies on Dropbox Business to update salespeople in the field with the latest promotional materials, helping the company stay ahead in a competitive market.

J.J. Taylor Companies’ key results

Stronger relationships with retailers

20% increase in employee productivity

Increased protection for sensitive information


Keeping up with a changing industry

As a distributor, it’s J.J. Taylor’s job to make sure that store shelves are always stocked with beer from iconic brands such as Miller and Coors. But the company’s growth depends on younger generations of beer drinkers, who are increasingly reaching into the cooler for craft beers over more recognisable brews, says Chief Information Officer Greg Fithian. “In the last 15 years, we’ve quadrupled the amount of SKUs of beer in our warehouse” says Fithian, whose company looks after distribution in Florida and Minnesota. Having to keep up with these changing palates pushed J.J. Taylor to rethink some of its ways of doing business. Salespeople previously had to stop by warehouses to collect updated marketing materials before visiting retail outlets. “We needed a way to quickly get relevant material to our salespeople” says Fithian. “Our retailers ask us every day what the most popular beers are and how to promote them.” The company tried two different file-sharing solutions, but neither worked well with iPads and Microsoft Office. Dropbox Business ultimately emerged as the best option due to its flexibility with file types and platforms. “We didn’t need to convert anything” says Fithian. “Dropbox lets us work without the headaches that came with other platforms.”

“Our market changes on a daily basis, and with Dropbox Business, we can stay ahead of trends instead of playing catch-up.”


Delivering key assets to salespeople

Dropbox Business is changing the way J.J. Taylor goes to market. Today, the company provides each salesperson with a shared folder containing marketing PDFs, JPEGs and video clips, as well as pricing details in Excel spreadsheets. There’s no more last-minute scrambling to locate point of-sale marketing materials. “Dropbox lets us submit logo and material changes in one unified, accessible place” says Christina Newman, IT Administrator. Salespeople use PDF files with product placement maps or “planograms” to organise in-store product displays, as setups change all the time depending on what beers are popular. “Sharing planograms as Dropbox links is very helpful because they automatically update to the latest version, allowing our sales team to adapt on the fly” says Newman. Using Dropbox has enabled reps to stay focused on their jobs of serving retailers as they now carry everything they need on their iPads. J.J. Taylor is also using Dropbox to help manage inventory. Sales reps can take pictures in stores of product layouts, which are automatically uploaded to Dropbox shared folders. This helps ensure that J.J. Taylor’s brands aren’t shifted around by competitors, says Fithian. “Now we have quick access to these images that help us defend our space in the cooler” he says. Dropbox Business also allows IT to better protect sensitive pricing and branding documents. The admin console enables Newman to make sure that people are logging on correctly to Dropbox using single sign on, and that use of the solution is being maximised for collaboration. “When employees leave, we can still secure company data by wiping the hard drives of any device.”

“We live in a world of instant gratification, and Dropbox Business allows us to share new products with customers in real time.”


Improving relationships while saving resources

Dropbox Business has helped J.J. Taylor increase productivity, while keeping a lid on spending. The solution has boosted internal productivity by 20%, estimates Keith Baily, Sales Manager. “Dropbox Business allows us to quickly and efficiently get information to our teams” Baily says. “We no longer miscommunicate on important topics”. Bringing fresh, revenue-generating ideas to retailers has improved relationships, ultimately leading to more sales for J.J. Taylor, notes Fithian. “Showing new ads to a retailer on the spot is huge when selling new products” he says. “Customers really appreciate not having to wait for updated information”. Thanks to the ease of use of Dropbox, IT has seen fewer basic requests about information sharing. “From a service desk perspective, life is much easier because once employees are trained on Dropbox,” Fithian says, “it just works”. Many of those employees include team managers and top brass. “We used to have daily discussions with senior leaders about how they can get to information” says Fithian. “With Dropbox Business, they know exactly where to go and it saves everyone time”.