Legal software provider LEAP makes a case for Dropbox Business, improving productivity throughout its international workforce.

LEAP, a software company

LEAP's key results

Easy collaboration for global mobile teams

Seamless integration with other apps

Employee-managed backups and file recovery


A focus on flexibility

As a provider of cloud-based, integrated practice management and legal accounting software, LEAP deeply appreciates the value of reliable technology and user-focused design. When the company began to expand from its Australian roots into international markets, its primary goals were to empower the mobile, global LEAP workforce and eliminate IT constraints. LEAP needed a file storage and sharing solution that offered fast access, generous storage, version control and data restoration – without requiring much IT involvement. Although the company tried everything from servers and VPN to FTP sites and document management systems, none offered the flexibility that LEAP was seeking. But, after evaluating Dropbox Business, LEAP CIO Chris Turnham says he knew he’d found a solution that fit. “I saw five key differentiators” he explains. “Dropbox Business offered easy installation, consolidated file storage across users, group sharing, IT control and fast, issue-free synchronisation”.


Integration with key applications

Within 10 weeks of setting up Dropbox Business, LEAP shut down all of its local file servers. Employees now manage all of their own data and sharing, using Dropbox Business as their storage base for documents, pictures and even some programming code. As Turnham adds, “Dropbox Business lets us put the power back in content owners’ hands. It lets them share with whoever they need to, and removes IT from the process – which is ultimately a more efficient and profitable business model for us.” To further streamline operations, LEAP integrated Dropbox Business with Azure AD, which enables single sign-on across devices, and Salesforce, which the company relies on to run nearly all aspects of its business. Integrating Dropbox Business with Office 365 was another move that allowed LEAP to improve accessibility and cut costs. According to Turnham, “With cloud-based solutions like Dropbox Business, our expansion costs for new locations has decreased significantly because all we need is an Internet connection. It’s become so much easier to operate globally.” As LEAP continues to expand, its IT team will have the bandwidth it needs to deal with higher profile projects. Tasks such as file recovery, which can weigh down traditional IT teams, are no longer an issue for the company. “It’s now up to individuals to manage and recover their files” explains Turnham. “We teach them how to do it with Dropbox Business and that lets us remove IT from the equation”.


Productivity and growth potential

With the constraints of past infrastructure eliminated, and key application integration in place, LEAP employees are now able to stay more productive from any and every location. “Being able to access and share content internationally has transformed our organisation” Turnham states. “Having every bit of data we need consolidated in Dropbox Business has changed our potential for growth. It has removed barriers so we can grow at the pace we would if we were still working on a local scale only.”

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