The Parisian-style clothing company keeps employees on three continents connected using Dropbox Business, helping to make tremendous business growth possible for the small team.

Les Lunes’ key results

Seamless collaboration across global locations

Increased productivity via mobile devices

Improved security over sensitive designs


Running a business your way

Les Lunes is French for “the moons”, and that’s just what CEO Anna Lecat was shooting for when she founded her clothing company in 2010. Her idea is ambitious for a small business owner: the company’s design team is based in Paris, where Lecat met her business partner. But the manufacturing of the clothes, using fabrics made from bamboo, takes place in Shanghai, where she had previously worked in supply-chain management. And she has retail stores in San Francisco, her favourite US city. “I wanted to create a company where we could control the entire process, and could employ the most talented people in their fields, regardless of where they’re based” Lecat says. To keep the team in sync across these locations, Lecat realised she needed a reliable way to collaborate. “Because our team is so spread out, it’s very important to have tools where we can communicate and share data, pictures, purchase orders, everything, in real time” she says. Sending large images over email was a major headache. Lecat was already familiar with Dropbox as she used it for accessing her personal files when travelling away from her family. “I love Dropbox so much that once the Les Lunes team was in place, there was no question that we would have a Dropbox Business account” she says.


Connecting global dots around the world

Les Lunes manages its complex global apparel design process using Dropbox Business. Designers in Paris upload drawings to shared folders, allowing pattern-makers to comment on the images as they decide which fabrics to use. “It’s so much better than sending emails, and we use the Dropbox integration with Slack to easily send links to our files as we’re messaging each other” Lecat says. Using Dropbox links, Les Lunes employees share pictures of models sporting the new outfits. This allows designers to evaluate style and fit before giving seamstresses in Shanghai the green light. Les Lunes relies on Dropbox for its marketing efforts, too. The company’s Berlin-based photographer uploads high-resolution pictures for the website and press opportunities to Dropbox. This makes it easy for the Paris marketing team to send journalists links to images in the folder. For its retail location in San Francisco, Les Lunes works with contractors “to create alluring merchandise displays and an authentic in-store experience” says Lecat. “We work with our consultants via Dropbox to make sure our vision is brought to life” she says. And when a contractor wraps up work, Les Lunes uses the remote wipe feature to ensure sensitive files don’t remain on any outside devices.


Designing for seamless collaboration

Dropbox Business keeps the dispersed Les Lunes team connected and productive from any location. Whether it’s employees in Europe or China, or the copywriter in California’s Sonoma County, Les Lunes employees are rarely in the same time zone, Lecat says. “I can’t imagine how we’d collaborate with our remote employees if we didn’t have Dropbox Business” she says. “Being able to work together from any location elevates our momentum, and keeps the business growing at an accelerated rate.” Les Lunes employees frequently travel between the US, China and France. They’re able to access and share their work files from Dropbox on their phones. “Not having access to all our information would make it impossible to stay productive on business trips” Lecat says. “But I go to Dropbox, and it’s all there – it’s like a friend who’s always with me.”

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