Dropbox Education gives Zuyd Hogeschool’s Maastricht Academy of Media Design and Technology the edge it needs to empower lecturers, evaluate students and evolve operations.

Maastricht Academy of Media Design and Technology's key results

Easier sharing among lecturers, students and staff

Fast, reliable remote access to files

Secure archiving of projects for academy audits


Constraints and faulty connections

As one of the Netherlands’ top university programmes for communications and multimedia design, the Zuyd Hogeschool’s Maastricht Academy of Media Design and Technology (MAMDT) continually strives to stay on the cutting edge of innovation – bringing industry experts and visionary guest lecturers to its real-world, co-creation courses. Though its curriculum is high calibre, the technology it was relying on to run internal operations was falling short. Lecturers, staff and students were using email to exchange information, but limits on file sizes prohibited them from sharing large files. On top of that, lecturers had trouble accessing files remotely. According to Manon Thiemann, Quality Management Coordinator for MAMDT, “When I worked from home, it would take ten minutes to start a VPN connection and then it would often get disconnected. It didn’t work well at all.” Many professors turned to personal Dropbox accounts to solve their issues, prompting the academy to move everyone to Dropbox Education.


Quick studies

Dropbox Education now houses MAMDT’s HR files, finance department documents, lecturers’ work and student projects – including large visual and graphic design files, films, and illustrations. Thiemann says “We love working in Dropbox. We always have access to our files, and we don’t have to ask other people to send us anything when we collaborate. It’s much easier to get the information we need.” In addition to supporting intra-academy file sharing, Dropbox Education is also used to facilitate collaboration across Zuyd’s academies. For instance, the school’s four academies use it to share files related to “Project Zuyd Quality”, which aims to establish consistent examination and evaluation standards throughout the university.


A showcase of teaching and talent

By streamlining file access and sharing, MAMDT has better aligned its processes with the innovative spirit it works so hard to embody. With the advent of Dropbox file requests, MAMDT plans to further expedite the process that students use to submit their work, which in turn will make it easier for the academy to archive and retrieve assets required for its audits securely. Every 6 years, students’ graduation projects are factored into an audit that determines the renewal status of the academy’s credentials. “We’re about to have a saying here – ‘no upload, no evaluation’. Now, in order to graduate, students have to place their final work in Dropbox so that they can be evaluated. Taking everything digital has been better for lecturers, and helps immensely with our audits. Because of all this, we seem to grow more grateful for and excited about Dropbox every day.”

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