Servcorp runs its world-class, international office resourcing enterprise with Dropbox Business powering company-wide and external collaboration.

Servcorp, an office resourcing company

Servcorp’s key results

Easy sharing with external stakeholders

Elimination of version control issues

Secure sign-on and file access processes


Keeping international offices in sync

As part of its mission to be the premier provider of executive suites and virtual offices, Sydney-based Servcorp connects clients with the finest office amenities, assistants and technology. In order to do this, the company itself also has to keep the best technology at its fingertips. So when its multi-national staff began struggling with file storage and sharing, Servcorp immediately sought a fix. According to Chief Technology Officer Daniel Kukucka, “Historically, we used email to share documents, but issues with duplicate files and file storage began increasing. We initially tried adopting another cloud storage solution but people resisted adopting it - and we continued to struggle with larger file sizes.”


Pleasing users, protecting data

Servcorp decided to ask its employees which cloud storage and file sharing solution they preferred. The overwhelming response was Dropbox Business. “The majority of our team members already had Dropbox accounts, so they were well acquainted with the user interface” says Kukucka. “For us, it became a no-brainer. Dropbox Business was going to be the best choice because we could quickly deploy it across locations and we didn’t have to worry about training.” In addition to easy onboarding, Dropbox Business met several other key criteria for Servcorp. Kukucka explains: “We wanted a system where we could manage authentication, control logins, determine who had access to which files and allow our people to get to their files from multiple devices. Dropbox Business gives us all of it.”


Mobility, speed and customer service

With Dropbox Business in place, Servcorp’s globally dispersed employees can stay more productive – working at any time, from anywhere, without having to worry about tracking down the latest versions of files. Kukucka adds: “Issues with file content versions, logos, colours, etc. can greatly impact Servcorp’s ability to project a consistent brand image to external stakeholders. Having Dropbox Business has helped ensure consistency throughout our communications and collaboration.” Servcorp’s external stakeholders range from contractors to partner agencies to clients, and all of them routinely need the company to share files with them. Dropbox Business allows Servcorp to distribute information fast and efficiently. As Kukucka says: “With Dropbox Business, we’ve seen significant improvements in our productivity – and also in our client relationships and partnerships. We’re able to collaborate better than we ever have before.”

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