With Dropbox Business supporting design and development collaboration, the Singapore-based software provider is able to continually enhance its comprehensive back-end inventory management solution for wholesalers around the globe.

TradeGecko's key results

Seamless collaboration among software designers

Fast previewing and sharing of large design files

Secure storage of HR and company documents


Keeping up with explosive growth

Founded by three entrepreneurs from New Zealand in 2012, TradeGecko’s growth trajectory took off at such a rapid rate that they saw groups such as the design team triple in size in a matter of months. Needing to collaborate on everything from software-related projects to marketing programmes, employees shared files locally and passed flash drives backwards and forwards. Eventually, they realised they required a more robust solution that would allow realtime sharing and multi-person access. With designers and developers working on very large Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and Sketch files, it was also key for the sharing platform to be able to handle huge loads of data easily. The company decided to set up a Box account but, according to Senior Designer Alex Smee, “The experience was sub-standard”. Because many TradeGecko employees were personal Dropbox users, the company ultimately elected to try switching to Dropbox Business.

“There’s not really another option for designers like Dropbox Business. It’s the easiest, most seamless solution for the type of collaboration problems we were facing.”


Painless previews, easy cross-team collaboration

Dropbox Business allows TradeGecko team members to share projects, contribute to more than one project at a time, and ensure there is never confusion around the file versions everyone is using. In addition to hands-on collaboration among designers, non-designers throughout the company can preview files via Dropbox Business to stay updated on project progress. Co-founder and CEO Cameron Priest says “I don’t have Adobe Illustrator installed on my computer, but I’m still able to sit down with Dropbox Business and look through all of the latest files that have been created with it”. Dropbox Business not only allows TradeGecko employees to share and store very large files easily, it also gives them the option to keep those kinds of heavyweights off their local drives. Smee explains “Our marketing materials sometimes involve videos that take up lots of gigabytes, and that’s when the Dropbox Business selective sync feature becomes very important”. When the company needs to share documents with people outside the company – for instance, to get input from lawyers on issues such as company stock options – it also relies on Dropbox Business. File permission settings help to ensure that everything from HR files to employee paperwork to financial documents are saved securely and only shareable with the appropriate individuals.

“Dropbox Business is like the headquarters for everything we work on. We use it pretty much every moment of the day.”


Daily workflows that just work

With Dropbox Business, day-to-day operations are smooth and seamless for TradeGecko – even as they continue to expand their global workforce. Smee says the designers in particular appreciate never having to worry about working in silos. Collaboration is easy to come by, and that makes the process of executing projects much faster. He adds “Dropbox Business is like the headquarters for everything we work on. We use it pretty much every moment of the day.” One of the best parts of Dropbox Business is that it runs in the background, allowing TradeGecko staff members to focus on priorities that propel the company forwards – rather than spending time managing separate applications and workflows. “We work on files as though they’re local” says Smee. “Everything’s up to date, everything’s synced, everything’s backed up. We don’t think about the fact that we’re using Dropbox – it’s just effortless.”