Unleash boundless creativity

Go from idea to reality with Dropbox Business

Unleash boundless creativity

The essential tool for design teams to manage and share their most innovative work

Keep everyone on the same page

Share your latest work securely with clients, partners and agencies, regardless of file size or format. Dropbox Business also lets you set passwords, permissions and expiry dates so you can control exactly who sees your work.

Preview files easily

When you send Photoshop, Illustrator, PostScript or SVG files via Dropbox, recipients can preview the file in full resolution from their browser, whether or not they have a Dropbox account.

Spend less time coordinating and more time creating

Sync large files, faster

Stay up to speed anywhere, on any device, with ”best-in-class” sync and no size limit for file uploads

Simplify feedback

Give and get fast feedback right where you need it with commenting and annotations

Grow bigger, brighter ideas

Create, review, manage and organise – all in shared documents – with Dropbox Paper

Customer success story

See how creative agency Wondersauce moves at the speed of their customers

We’re always moving. We’re always evolving. And Dropbox gives us the freedom to focus on where want to go next as a company.