Every business starts out small

Small- and medium-sized business solutions

Every business starts out small. We did. And we know from experience the benefits of having the right tools. Tools that help you grow, and grow with you. Ready to create, iterate and collaborate with the best businesses in the world?

Why Dropbox Business?

 Well, plenty of reasons. But don’t just take our word for it – see what these awesome and growing businesses had to say: 

Bring new ideas to the world

Modern infrastructure adds a layer of security, flexibility and mobility to your company files. Together with Dropbox, businesses across the globe are tackling bigger and more ambitious ideas. 

“I can’t imagine how we’d collaborate with our remote employees if we didn’t have Dropbox Business”
Anna Lecat, CEO & Founder, Les Lunes

Keep overheads low

What happens when you save on IT hours and server space? Your whole team can move faster and focus on growth.

“We’re heavy Microsoft Office users. Working in Dropbox Business allows us to go from just consulting information to staying really productive”
Klaas Bals, CEO & CTO, Scriptura Engage

Work together without restraints or file size limits

Businesses that run on enormous (or even ginormous) amounts of data trust Dropbox to be safe, secure and, most importantly, scalable.

“It’s just made it a lot easier to share things when you know it’s all in Dropbox”
Tim Joseph, CEO & Founding Farmer, Maple Hill Creamery

Stay social yet secure

Known for its unmatched security, Dropbox Business is helping sensitive information move at the speed of business. 

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