Maximise your productivity with these work life hacks

See how Dropbox can enhance the way you already work.
Maximise your productivity with these work life hacks

Choose the right partners

From messaging platforms to workflow automation tools, there are more apps than ever. As work becomes increasingly dispersed, it's important for these tools to be flexible, mobile and platform agnostic. Dropbox integrates with best-of-breed tools so you can create the best suite for your organisation.

Streamline your workflows

A McKinsey Global Institute study found that employees spend 61% of their time doing "work about work" – things like getting and sending emails or searching for files. The productivity tools you choose for your team won't increase productivity unless you build the right workflows on top of them. Dropbox can help by acting as the central hub for sharing and communication.

Keep your apps in sync

It's likely that your team will only continue using more and more apps. Regardless of the types of app or how many you use, Dropbox allows your team to worry less about managing their tools and focus more on getting work done. Take our quiz to learn more about how to choose and integrate the right tools, based on your existing workflows.