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Get all the features your business needs

See how Dropbox helps more than 500,000 teams stay organised, streamline workflows and protect company data


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Flexible storage plans

Choose the right plan to ensure your team has the space it needs to be productive.

File and version recovery

Easily recover deleted files and restore previous file versions.

Team folder manager

Get visibility and control of team folders, including sync management.

Dropbox Transfer

Easily deliver final files up to 250 GB to collaborators and clients.

Automated folders

Get organised with standardised naming, tagging and sorting for shared folders.

Remote wipe

Clear files from lost or stolen devices to keep company files in the right hands.

Link permissions

Password-protect your links, disable downloads or set expiry dates to grant temporary access.

Online-only storage

Save hard drive space by moving files to the cloud, while keeping them accessible directly from your desktop.

Admin console

Use the insights dashboard to monitor team activity, view connected devices and audit external sharing activity.

Dropbox Paper

A simple, powerful way to create, share and keep your team in sync – with admin controls.

Third-party app integrations

Extend the power of Dropbox with over 300,000 connected apps.

Live support

Get answers to your questions quickly via priority phone, email and chat support.

Keep your team productive and your data safe

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File backup

Get the storage your business needs to share and collaborate seamlessly.

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Team collaboration

Stay productive with new ways to easily share work and collect feedback.

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Administrative tools

Team management stays simple from a central location, the admin console.

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Security features

Protect sensitive company files with enterprise-grade security features.