Digital transformation is a digital revolution

Transform your business with new technology and innovative tools from Dropbox that empower your teams to be more productive and collaborative.

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What is digital transformation and how did we get here?

The smartphone changed everything

No one could’ve predicted back in 2007 that the smartphone would literally change the world. But it has. That portable powerhouse has altered human interaction as profoundly as the lightbulb once did.

You can work from just about anywhere

In this digital age, you do just about everything on your mobile device—from sending an invoice to a vendor, Slacking a colleague, or managing projects in Trello. Digital technology has changed how you work in just about every way.

You can get more done—if you’re smart about it

Digital transformation integrates digital technologies into all areas of business, which can change how work gets done—for the better. CIOs and business leaders initiate these changes to provide greater value and a better user experience.

You’re happier and work better when you’re less distracted

Your organization can reap all the benefits of digital transformation when you streamline your work tools with Dropbox. Your teams will become naturally more collaborative and your business will thrive as a result.

Dropbox is revolutionising the way you work

Smart technology isn’t always so smart. That’s why Dropbox is designing a more enlightened way of working so you can focus and get work done.

Unite your organisation through technology

See how 5,000 University of Florida students and employees enable digitisation with Dropbox to collaborate easily both inside and outside the school.

Create a smarter workspace with Dropbox

“Having a collaborative tool like Dropbox Business allows us to focus on putting on a tight, amazingly run show.”

Innovate at scale no matter where you are

When Moleskine deployed Dropbox internally, they accelerated digital innovation, and in turn, were able to offer new products to their customers more quickly.

Your successful digital transformation strategy starts here

A successful digital business transformation starts with streamlining your business processes with smarter digital tools.

Imagine everyone in your company focusing better, getting into flow and feeling more accomplished, all in real-time. Using Dropbox Business as a customisable ecosystem of apps – all accessed in one place – can help make that happen.

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Simplify how you manage teams

Incorporating Dropbox into your digital strategy can help you transform existing work habits to make team collaboration more seamless and secure. With our intuitive controls – even as users and data usage grow – it’s easy to manage your team and spend time on what matters most.

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Dropbox is here for you every step of the way

With Dropbox Business, you can design a bespoke solution for your business – and deploy a successful digital transformation seamlessly. And with Dropbox Enterprise, you’ll have a robust team at your disposal comprised of assigned success managers, customised services and ongoing customer experience support.

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Encourage growth with digital transformation

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Top tips for innovation

Start your digital transformation journey with our top tips on achieving successful innovation in the workplace.

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Why you should choose Dropbox

Enable collaboration, secure limitless growth and stay in control. See why Dropbox is the best partner for the job.

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Unlock smarter working

See how a smarter workspace could make your business flourish.